The 5 best combinations of long skirts


The 5 best combinations of long skirts. In the world, there are infinities of long skirts in terms of shape, materials, and patterns. We can find them with pleated, tight, flared, ruffled and Bohemian effects. Now, we know that women love the skirt for the summer, however, we can use it at any time of the year.


Today at Vazz the Brand we bring you some of the best looks to wear with style. Grab a pencil and paper! That this style guide comes with everything to stylize your figure and make you look very chic.


What kind of blouse can be worn with a long skirt?


Vazz.Blog Top 5 Combinations Of Long Skirts What Kind Of Blouse Can Be Used With A Long SkirtSome of the best combination options are sweaters, jackets, bodysuits, crop tops, and shirts or t-shirts. Ready to discover these ideal looks for you?


With t-shirts.


Skirts look beautiful with shirts, especially to achieve a very casual look and perfect for the day. Combine it with low sandals.


With a sweater.


Yes, long skirts look great at any time of the year, even winter. You can combine it with a sweater, scarf, and boots to look spectacular.


With a jacket.


In a long-pleated skirt look, you can play with a short jacket that fits your figure. In addition, you can accompany it with accessories to achieve a very original look.


With a crop top.


If your thing is to attract attention, then this is the option for you. Wearing a long skirt with a top is perfect for drawing attention to wherever you go.


With a bodysuit.


Body dress a lot, in addition to stylizing the figure, which we are very grateful for. In black, they could give you a pretty elegant look.


When can you wear a long skirt?


Vazz.Blog. 5 best combinations of long skirts. When to wear long skirtThe long skirt is going to become your best ally. You will remember me! This garment is perfect for any occasion, from casual to formal. Now, the secret is how to combine them correctly.


Also, this basic is ideal for cold or heat, which makes it more difficult to go unnoticed. Do you want to know how to combine them for any occasion? Paper and pencil! Because here we go with the options.


Wear it for a formal event.


For a formal event, it’s best to wear a blazer and stilettos. Now, if you are tall, you can play with the size of the heel. However, if on the contrary, you are short, you should use high ones. Do you want to see yourself as a goddess? Add a thin belt over the blazer to your outfit.


Wear it for a more semiformal event.


Vazz.Blog.The 5 best combinations of long skirts.Take it to a more semi-formal eventI love these styles that show rebellion and daring. Therefore, if you are one of this type of women who takes risks with everything in an outfit, opt for a tartan skirt with a black sweater and high boots.


For a casual occasion.


Going out with friends? Some lighter meeting that doesn’t merit thinking too much? Choose a long skirt and an oversized sweater, and complement your look with white sneakers. They will call you glamour!


For a night out.


If you are one of those who take risks, I invite you to mix a patterned skirt with a lace shirt or the other way around. My recommendation is that you do not use different types of prints because they will not stand out.


How to wear a long skirt if you are short?


Vazz-How to wear a long skirt if you are shortFirst, get rid of those old beliefs that if you are small, you cannot wear maxi garments. That is already in the old beliefs of the past and grandmothers. From now on you are going to ignore those theories and when someone comes to say something, just say:


It’s not about what you wear but how you use it.


Yes, if you are short, like me, you can wear long skirts or extra-long dresses if it is to your liking. The trick is in how you combine it so as not to appear smaller than you are. So, I invite you to see these tricks.


Pay attention to the length.


The skirt cannot be dragged. Therefore, it is best to choose an ankle-length or just below the feet. In this sense, what will also help you find balance is the type of footwear you use.


Now, the best thing is to get the hemline slightly above your heels. Avoid skirts above the ankle because they will make your legs look short.


Take into account openings and asymmetry.


Another trick is to wear them with a front or side opening to attract attention when walking. In this sense, the asymmetric hem will work with tighter skirts. I recommend that you wear skirts with details such as buttons or bows.


Colors and patterns are important.


You can use a monochrome look or with similar hues in the same color palette to create the illusion that you are taller. However, you should avoid oversized prints and horizontal stripes. Bet on the verticals.


What skirt can I wear if I’m chubby?


Vazz-What skirt can I wear if I am chubbyAre you curvy and don’t know if you can wear long skirts? Of course, you can! However, these tips must be taken into account to better stylize your figure. Find a pencil and paper!


Mainly opt for straight skirts so as not to generate extra volume, preferably smooth ones. You can also choose the draped type to feel comfortable and elegant.


The only detail is that these skirts must not have excessive volumes. In fact, if they have a mid-length cut, the better. Also, you can choose them with patterns and transparencies, avoiding reliefs.


What shoes can you wear with a long skirt?


To tell the truth, any shoe is going to look amazing with this garment. After all, the versatility of it allows you to play with your creativity and inspiration. Even so, there are some shoe preferences, like the clog for a hippie look. Another option is strappy sandals, stilettos, or sneakers.


Have you thought about mules? They will give you an elegant and formal touch for a night of drinks. And if you are looking for a more romantic look, choose ballet flats with a bow. Are you more daring? Pair a tulle skirt with military-style boots.


The 5 best combinations of long skirts


Vazz.Blog The 5 best combinations of long skirts The 5 best combinations of long skirtsAHA! Now, what everyone was waiting for. The best five long skirt combinations that Vazz the Brand chose for you. You will love them!


  • With a white shirt.


Ideal for elegant looks, long pleated or plain skirts, patterned or of any kind, you can wear them with a white shirt inside. Add a belt to add more style, and go for a clutch to match the stilettos.


  • With sweater and sneakers.


It is a very versatile, comfortable, and also very chic set. If you choose a printed skirt with a sweater to match the tone of the skirt and sneakers that you can change for boots, it will be the perfect combination to go to the office.


  • Looking for a sporty look.


If your style is sporty chic, this set is ideal for you. Pair a salmon draped skirt with white sneakers and an oversized white sweater. You can choose to store it under the skirt.


  • Achieve a romantic look.


The romantic look is synonymous with retro, femininity, and pastel colors, always thinking about the beauty of love. You can choose a tulle skirt with prints, a bodysuit, and military boots to complement with a touch of rebellion.


  • Shines like the sun.


Let’s lose the fear of shining, sequins are always a good option to wear in any outfit. You can combine it with a black or white blouse with transparencies and heels, ballerinas or sneakers.


What do you think of this style? Does it go with you?

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