9 bikini trends for summer 2021


9 bikini trends for summer 2021. As women, we always seek to have the perfect swimsuit. And once we have it, that garment becomes our best friend. Yes, that one that we cannot put aside. Or you can be the type that has them all because you know that they will never be enough and that they will last over time.


However, trends move with time and almost at the speed of light. Therefore, every summer, there is something different that makes that bikini that you wanted so much, no longer the one that is in fashion. This is now changing and evolving thanks to fashion upcycling.


Now, several trends don’t only focus on the swimsuit’s shape. Instead, they focus more on how we use it and how we combine it, as well as its sustainability… That and among other things. Do you want to know more? Keep reading


What are the trends in swimwear for 2021?


Colors, shapes, versatility… All this is provided by those swimsuits that every day the fashion world allows us to discover.


Vazz.Sculpted Underwire Bikini

Next, I will show you which are those essentials for this year 2021 that we cannot stop using.


Sculpted underwire bikini


Hoops are very on-trend again this year, as they offer a dynamic lift.


This is why they are a great option to lift the breasts and help shape the silhouette that we want to show so much on this vacation.


Ruched bikini or also called honeycomb, bikini trends for summer


It has been in trend for two years and consists of a strapless set with gathered fabric, both at the bottom and the top. This design is special as it makes you feel unique and different. Also, it adds an interesting dimension to any kind of figure. Get that silhouette you want so much!


The upside-down bikini


Vazz.Blog.9 bikini trends for summer 2021.The bikini turned upside down

And no, it’s not that the top goes down and vice versa. This is a curious technique promoted by the Kardashians that has caused interest in the world of fashion.


It grows every day, like their followers on Instagram. And guess what? You can do it with that old bikini in your closet.


It consists of turning the upper part of your swimsuit and tying the straps that used to go behind your back around your neck, and then tying the part that went behind your neck to your back. This way, you will get an original shape.


Sustainable swimwear, bikini trends for summer


Ecological is in fashion. And this is a reality that, as defenders of the planet, we quite agree. From one moment to the next, searches for swimsuits that include the word sustainability have grown by quite an interesting percentage this season.


In the same way, searches for recycled style have also increased by a large percentage to date. To tell the truth, we are grateful for that, since it’s in our hands to take care of the world, just as it takes care of us.


Minimalist, bikini trends for summer


Vazz.Blog.9 bikini trends for summer 2021. Minimalist bikiniBlack is the garment that should never be missing in our wardrobe. It applies to everything, even swimsuits.


This year, the demand for bikinis or swimsuits has increased according to Glamour.


In fact, it has reached 306% more compared to last year.


In the same, swimsuits that are nudes or one-pieces have also become very popular.


Are high-waisted bikinis still in fashion?


Yes, yes, and yes. Of course! These bikinis have created a very popular culture thanks to the fact that they help to hide the tummy that many of us don’t like to display. Also, they create a flawless figure for your body. It’s a safe, classic option that I am convinced you will love to use.


This type of bikini in some cases makes you look slimmer. However, the shape of your body also plays a very important role when using it. For example, if your body is in the shape of an hourglass, the shape of this swimsuit will help you highlight the curves of your body.


Whereas, if your body is the rectangular type, it may be not so favorable. Everything will depend a lot on the type of bikini you choose.


Impressed? Keep reading to learn more…

What are the most flattering bikinis?


Vazz.BlogSustainable SwimsuitsBikini trends for summer. We want you to love your body and feel a thousand percent comfortable with what you are wearing. That is the first secret to make your bikini more flattering. Now, in the market, many swimsuits can be perfect for your figure.


However, don’t be frustrated if you don’t make it the first time you change. We are here to help you feel comfortable and confident in that bikini you want. It all depends on your body type: curvy or athletic, the important thing is to find the one that favors and gives meaning to your essence.


In our store, you will find several sustainable bikini models perfect for you. In addition, they will make you feel beautiful both on the outside and on the inside. Besides, you will be contributing a grain of sand to take care of our planet. Isn’t that great!


Can I wear a bikini if ​​I don’t have a flat stomach?


Vazz.Blog. I can wear a bikini if ​​I don_t have a flat stomachThe answer is more than obvious, of course, you can. However, this will depend on how you feel about it.


We are at a time in life where it is no longer just about what the great designers in the industry say, but what makes us look comfortable, safe, and free to be who we want to be.


Now your figure doesn’t matter if you are skinny or chubby or short or very tall; curves are in fashion in the same way as bodies that have none.


I invite you to look in the mirror and feel content and happy with what you see. That when you have the bikini on, you say: “sexy thing”. Okay?


Are tankinis in fashion in 2021?


Vazz-the fashionable tankinis in 2021I would dare to tell you that I can read minds and know what you are thinking is Tankinis? In 2021? Are you serious? And the truth is that yes, I am being very serious. It’s a trend that is at the moment quite polarized, like low-cut jeans. However, I can tell you that I love this tankini.


Why? Because it gives you versatility and allows you to open up your creativity. How? By using only, the bottom of the swimsuit, while the top can be a normal blouse or a tighter one. Or, for other combinations, leave the tankini top as a blouse and match it with shorts or skirts. See? Versatility.


Besides, it’s a pretty cool invention that can take you beyond the conventional. You just have to dare to use different colors, prints glitters.


Finally, at Vazz, we want to remind you that the world is changing and therefore it’s your time to show off and generate that change you want. And I repeat, in our store, you will find many beautiful and sustainable things that can help you feel better about the world and yourself. Follow us and let us know what you think about this article. What is your favorite bikini trend?

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