The best bikinis for chubby girls

Vazz - The best bikinis for chubby girls

The best bikinis for chubby girls. Trends and the fashion world, at times, can be super heavy and quite cold in terms of sizes. The good news? Like everything in life, this is already changing. In fact, we can already see, both on catwalks, in clothing stores, and social media, models of beautiful curves, because thank God! We are understanding that it is not just a matter of size, but health.


So, if your size is not 6 but a few more, don’t worry! In addition to being beautiful and throwing kisses in the mirror to compliment you, many brands are currently in charge of designing models of bikinis and swimsuits for us. Besides, they’re unique, original can stylize your figure, and are also sustainable over time.


Shake off the thought that summer swimwear fashion takes you down the street of bitterness or that just the beach, river, lake, or pool is not for you. There is everything for everyone.


What kind of bikinis favor chubby girls?


Are you looking for plus-size bikinis to go to the beach this summer? I’m sure you will find the perfect one! First, you must choose the bikini that makes you feel more comfortable. It must fulfill the role of making you feel confident while also being sustainable over time.


Comfort and safety are the basis for you to be in the sea swimming like Ariel and the garment you wear stays in place, right?


Plain bikinis, if you have a big chest


If you are a curvy woman with a big chest, we recommend choosing plain bikinis and try not to be too big or with excess fabric, why? Because visually it is not flattering. It does the opposite effect.


In turn, if the parts are the same colors, even better! If you choose a decorative detail such as a star, a ring, or a bow, excellent. And if they match, it is ideal, because it will divert attention from those places that you do not want to highlight.


To the braces, we will say bye, bye! If you have a small chest.


There are many types of bodies as well as shapes and styles. So, if your body type is curvy, but with a small chest, you have to look for swimsuits that make you look like you have more than what do. In this case, there’s nothing better than bikinis with ruffles on the top.


Bikinis for a chubby belly  


If you want a bikini that helps disguise your tummy because it makes you feel insecure, opt for one with a high waist. Of course, forget about polka dots or flowers … even very extravagant prints, as I said, visually you will achieve the opposite effect.


What kind of swimsuit can hide your belly?


Vazz - chubby girl wearing a pink swimsuitThere’s a point where we all want to show off our figure, but we’re uncomfortable doing so. I can’t give you an exact reason why we feel this way, but the truth is that sometimes our belly and navel can be our worst enemy.


However, many people thought of us and our concerns. So, to help us, they have created the perfect shapes in swimsuits to provide us with comfort, security, and practicality.


Now, beyond aesthetics and stylizing the figure, we must find those that favor us. Which ones? Those that incorporate belts, drapes, and gathers.


Swimsuits for chubby girls


Vazz - chubby girls wearing blue swimsuitsThis may be a cliché, but you can’t cover the sun with one finger. So, the best friend for a plus-size swimsuit is black. In addition to styling, it looks elegant. And we all indeed want to look stylish and elegant.


However, it is not the only one and this is where I put my thumb up and say, thank you. You can choose between one-piece leggings, bikini of any type … as long as you comply with the proportions that I mentioned above. If you opt for leggings, I recommend choosing those with a neckline at the back or bust, as well as drapes or side panels.


Swimsuits for young chubby girls


Vazz - swimsuits for young chubby girlsAs you can see, there is a wide variety of styles that will bring elegance and sensuality.


We can realize that it’s more than allowed to play with colors, shapes, and patterns.


Besides, you can add excellent quality materials, take care of the environment, and get a swimsuit that will be elastic, comfortable, and durable.


Youth, divine treasure. For young women, I recommend several types of swimsuits:


  • Resistant tankinis.


Tankinis made with organic materials are a resistant and quick-drying piece that will allow you maximum comfort. The design that best suits you, are perfect for the beach, pool, hot springs, lake, surf, and whatever you want. It is a very good option


  • High waist bikinis. 

    Vazz - chubby girl wearing a high waited bikini


Made from sustainable materials, the elastic will allow you to dry quickly.


This design will lift the bust and hide those rolls that you need to hide.


It is a flattering piece for your high waist and will control the abdomen.


  • One-piece swimsuit and necklines.


Perfect for risky girls who aren’t afraid to show their backs. This model is inspired by vintage style and high waist to pick up. Its design can be monochrome and vertical stripes.


Swimsuits to hide your belly


Let’s see, we are not perfect and this is more than clear. Sometimes women are a constant self-criticism machine. And we return to the story of the tummy because in general, it is with what we can be worse. Many bikinis options help divert attention from that place and make us feel so uncomfortable.


Draped swimsuits 


An option that will go more than well with your figure. If the draping is in the upper part, it will serve as a shaping effect and it will look incredible.


Vazz - Swimsuits with necklines.Swimsuits with necklines.


Also, not everything can be so negative, right?


If instead of hiding, what you want is to show, then I invite you to look for these models where you are not ashamed to show off.


How about?


Dresses swimsuits


This is very new, and the truth is that they are incredible for everyone. This swimsuit shape hides everything so well that you won’t even notice anything, and it also highlights other areas of your body.


Vazz - swimsuits with shortsSwimsuits with shorts for chubby girls


If in your case, what you want is to hide the lower part of your figure, swimsuits with shorts are the option you should look for. This piece will fulfill the function of reducing and also visually it will make you look slimmer.


Swimsuits for chubby girls with skirts


Do you like basic and comfortable clothes? If so, choose a bikini with ruffles on the top and bottom, that is, a skirt-style bottom. This fits perfectly with our curves and they are ideal for long days at the beach.


In conclusion, we are going to live and enjoy life, the sea, the sun, the pool, the river… we are going to leave the circumstances and that is what it is all about. To lose our fears and accept ourselves as we are. At Vazz the brand we want to help you live that path with you, so tell us in the comments what you think of this article and what is your favorite swimsuit item.

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