The bikinis you’ll see everywhere in summer, 2021

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The bikinis you’ll see everywhere in summer, 2021. It’s summer and therefore it’s time to go on vacation. We all want time to unwind and enjoy a beautiful sunny day. Usually, we are desperately looking for a trip to the beach or the pool. At least I, every time I heard the word vacation, want to fly and become the little mermaid on a beautiful sandy beach. And I know that, like me, it happens to many.


So, like the fashionistas that we are, we will seek to be on the cutting edge of fashion and trends, especially sustainable fashion. This way, we won’t go around feeling prehistoric and ruining the planet.


Besides, we will start to look for those bikinis that are on everyone’s lips and that also favor us. But above all, we look for those who follow some sustainable rules so as not to get into dilemmas.


Although it may not seem like it, buying a bikini or a swimsuit can be quite complicated. This is because, most often than not, the ones in fashion don’t always look good on us. Or because what we like sometimes doesn’t stylize our figure.


What are the best bikinis for the summer?


Vazz.Blog.The best bikinis of summer 2021. How to wear the bikinis 2021This year brings fun, versatility, and styles that prioritize comfort, in addition to sustainability.


More than physical beauty, elegance and simplicity will be what puts us in ultra-trend.


That’s why there are certain main details that we must take into account to always cause a sensation at the beach or pool and continue to respect sustainability.



The precious fabrics that Canelé bikinis offer us


Vazz.Blog.The best summer bikinis 2021.The beautiful fabrics that Canale_s bikinis offer usAlso called crochet bikinis, they are a fairly Bohemian garment that comes from the 70s and provides sensuality and good vibes. This phenomenon began several years ago and together with the wicker baskets and Ibizan dresses, it was positioned as what we should have in our wardrobe without a doubt.


This garment is an excellent investment because its material is elastic and adapts to your body wherever you are. It’s also ideal for those water sports or days when you want to play beach ping-pong. Have you found yours yet? I’m looking for mine!


They are beautiful and come in different colors, shapes, and designs. In addition, they are pieces made by hand, that is, they fall within the upcycling fashion. On the other hand, you can also combine them with wicker bags and your best beach hat to cover yourself from the sun. Don’t forget the sunscreen!


The beauty of cut-out swimsuits


Have you ever considered that cut-outs could be sexy? The truth is that yes, and in the right places they can be a good and very subtle way to show that part of you that nobody knows you have, that is the benefit of cut-outs.


Cut-outs are here to stay and have an incredible way of giving a new and beautiful look to a classic silhouette. This type of garment is very functional for all body types.


Bikini with underwire and rings to show them off in the sun


Ultimately, this is not new. However, it is popular for having stood the test of time. This trend doesn’t abandon us, and it is thanks to their longevity that they always find a way to reach us and have an important position in our drawers.


This piece positively favors any type of figure, and it has the advantage of even updating silhouettes. Exactly, update them. Do you have yours?


Vazz - the best bikinisAsymmetric cut bikinis


This form of swimsuit embraces the body to a whole new level.


However, they not only accentuate it by giving it that shape that you didn’t know it had, but they also give an incredible air to your bikini or swimsuit with shapes and versatility.


The beauty of the asymmetrical cut is that they succeed wherever they go.


Ruffled swimsuits


It isn’t a secret that ruffles have come this season to stay, even in swimsuits. It is for this reason that we can say that they’re the key to a great summer. This swimsuit is a favorite for its touch of romance and originality. They conquer anyone.


In addition, they favor silhouettes in a more than desired way. By using it, there’s no doubt that you will stand out no matter where you go.


High-waisted bikinis.


Vazz - the best summer bikinisThe “back to the past” has been the new trend that has revolutionized every catwalk we have seen so far. And just as the high-waisted pants have a comeback, so did high-waisted bikinis.


They are preferred for the superpower to hide that belly that, some of us, try too hard to hide. High-waisted bikinis have also been making noise for a long time wherever we go. And hopefully, they will always remain at the top.


The V-neckline can’t be ignored


This proposal, as well as the previous ones, is a formula that won’t look bad this summer at the beach or pool. This garment, in addition to being quite sophisticated, helps you enhance your beauty. In addition, optically, it stylizes your figure, which we all always appreciate.


What are the best bikinis?


There are many options for bikinis and swimsuits for all tastes and materials. From Lycra to pants or skirts to push-ups or reducing bikinis (like the high-waisted bikini above).


What’s important is to understand that the shape isn’t what matters. Instead, its sustainability is what you should pay attention to.


With the vision of caring for the planet, we come to you to create awareness and help the planet. Our goal is to keep thinking about looking good doing something for the land that has given us so much.


Where can you buy the best bikinis?


Vazz - red bikiniIt is important to recognize that just as there are excellent designers and creators, there are very good stores where we can also buy sustainable swimsuits.


If you are one of those busy women 一 like me 一, I will give you some tips so that you can find the best bikinis without having to move.


There are great places to buy swimsuits. However, in our online store, you can find beautiful swimsuits perfect for your figure and make with the best organic materials. Have you seen them? They are beautiful.


What are the best brands of women’s swimwear?


Vazz - best brands of womens swimsuitsThe best option is always swimsuits made with sustainable material.


And here at Vazz, we have a very clear purpose: to bring tasteful, sustainable fashion to everyone’s heart. We want to make a difference.


Are you willing to be different and make the change in your life? Tell us in the comments your opinions about it and follow us for more sustainable fashion tips.

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