Vazz - Crop tops: The trend that will take over fall/winter 2021 - combine shorts

How to combine shorts and look fashionable. Many times in our life we have underestimated how much shorts can help us achieve a unique and amazing look. The truth is that I hope that starting today, you will get all those bad theories out of your head and focus on this article because I have […] to combine a crop top with a blazer-01

Tips to combine a crop top with a blazer. A crop top is a super versatile garment that you can wear wherever you go. Even if it’s small, it can help you look amazing with whatever you combine it with. After all, it will give your look a sexy and very feminine air. It’s mainly […], 7 outfits that you should wear if you are short-01

7 outfits you should wear if you are short. Being short is a plus that we have to take advantage of. That is why there are several sayings to our honor such as “everything good comes in a small bottle.” And yes, it is true, just as there are advantages, we have certain disadvantages in […]

Ideas to combine your black pants with elegance. Black pants are one of the most versatile garments that we can find in the world of fashion. After all, it looks great with 80% of our wardrobe. Therefore, I guarantee that you will be able to put together many incredible looks.   They increase elegance and […]