How to build a sustainable capsule wardrobe

Vazz - How to build a sustainable capsule wardrobe

How to build a sustainable capsule wardrobe. I know that we have talked too much about what sustainable clothing is, the benefits of wearing it for the planet, and the care of your skin, in addition to the ethical benefits and the positive impact it generates on workers and the country. However, we haven’t talked about how to organize our sustainable capsule wardrobe.


Now, why should I make my wardrobe sustainable? Simple, because first you would be contributing to the world and the environment, in addition, it works for you to eliminate all the clothes that you do not use, you open space, you have order in your closet. Likewise, you will be able to control purchases, avoid generating more waste in the world, and, most importantly, you will stop contributing to fast fashion consumption.


In this sense, at Vazz the Brand we will explain where to start and also help you to reflect on what you have and what you need. Open the closet doors that we are going to clean up!


What does a capsule wardrobe have?


Vazz - woman wearing a black outfitThe capsule wardrobe meets the almost mathematical formula of less is more. After all, the order is the first step in defining the lifestyle. This method emerged in the 70s to have a wardrobe with few clothes that complement each other.


His vision is order and consciousness, it is through this system that you will change your mind regarding consumption. It is getting essential and essential garments that you know will not go out of style and will be timeless.


Getting it can be simple. I advise you: a jacket, which you can choose in our store from one of the options we have for you. A skirt and dress pants that you will perfectly find in our store. Also, a blouse, sweater, shoes, socks, a coat, dress, and bag.


At Vazz the Brand we are happy to offer you a wide variety of models that work to create your ideal wardrobe background. Everything is sustainable, everything is treated ethically and with a lot of love.


Now, the trick is to choose clothes that combine, so they must be timeless basics that prevail and play perfectly with each other.


How to make my capsule wardrobe?


Vazz - woman wearing a white jacketThis capsule wardrobe is very personal and consists of sustainable basics that help you create different combinations with just a few things.


I invite you to do a garment count and leave from there. How can you achieve this?


Analyze your closet. 


You must analyze your garments one by one to have that panorama of your closet and separate them by categories. This is where you can start. Once you define them, you will know the next steps.


What is your style, your tastes, and what do you need.


Vazz - woman wearing a gray jacketThe closet is based on our life. Depending on your style and what moves your life is what you must have the most.


For example: if you are from the office, you probably have a lot of blazers, suits, or dress pants in your closet. While if you are more casual, you can have comfortable and simple clothes.


Now, getting inspiration can go a long way when creating our capsule wardrobe. I invite you to experiment with garments that complement your style and use.


What is your palette? 


Vazz- two women wearing jackets - sustainable capsule wardrobeOnce you select what is your style and what are those garments that you need the most that go according to your tastes, it is time to detect which are the colors that stand out in your wardrobe.


In this way, you will be able to choose a palette that will make your clothes match.


This will also help you to know those colors that you do not like or flatter you, as well as those that you would like to wear more. It has to do with what makes you happy.


There are some tips that you can take into account in terms of colors, starting with knowing which are the neutrals: white, ivory, blush, beige, taupe, gray, and black. While the complementary ones are denim, navy, green, khaki, brown, camel, red, and vermilion. For its part, the accent colors are yellow, salmon, coral, berry colors, metallic, and neon.


What do you identify with?


After knowing what your color palette is and you have understood what goes perfectly with your lifestyle, I invite you to find what reflects you. If you feel that nothing combines, I invite you to review why and then separate into batches: capsule wardrobe, repair and to give away or donate, because you must donate what does not fit this image. Even if it is difficult for you to let go, get out of what does not represent you.


Vazz - woman wearing a crop top - sustainable capsule wardrobeCreate sets. 


From everything you left, put together outfits that adapt to you.


Photograph the garments to put together with seasonal outfits so you won’t run out of ideas to combine.


Also, you can make a list of what you are missing to go little by little comparing them.


Conscious purchase.


Just shop conscious is what a sustainable capsule wardrobe is all about. Choose clothes of better quality, sustainable, friendly, with good treatment to the environment and animals.


How to create a sustainable wardrobe?


Vazz - woman wearing a gray dress - sustainable capsule wardrobeAs you well know, the clothes you choose to have an environmental impact, in life and also on our health. It will be up to us to generate a positive or negative impact.


Today at Vazz the Brand we want that impact to be positive. That’s why we are going to explain some other tricks to achieve it.


Natural fabrics and upcycling.


We already know the annual tons of microplastics that reach the oceans per year. That number is so large that it is no longer worth mentioning. So if you want to be guaranteed to help the world, consume vegan and look for the stamps.


Choose quality over the season.


It is time to forget that every year or season we have to have the latest or buy clothes just because. Choose to buy clothes where you have to spend a little more, but know that they are durable and sustainable.


Thrift shopping.


If you’re not willing to spend too much on something new, shop at thrift stores to give your clothes a second life. Let’s take advantage of this way of creating awareness. Veganizing your wardrobe is extreme, but possible when you want to make a difference.


What do you think of the sustainable capsule wardrobe? How do you start putting yours together? At Vazz the Brand we reiterate that if you are starting in this world and do not know where to start, visit our store. There are special beauties for you!


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