How to combine a blazer during autumn/winter


How to combine a blazer during autumn/winter. It seems incredible, but the blazer is such a versatile piece that every year it reinvents itself to bring a new look to our closet. It’s perfect for those days when we want to find something different, or we just don’t know what to wear. Today I want to show you how to combine it this fall/winter in unique ways. This way, you will avoid falling into monotony.


We officially enter autumn in a few days, so we have to find a way to get there with elegance and style. A blazer, combined with dress pants or jeans, will give you a classic and very elegant air that will make you stand out wherever you go. However, if you combine it with a tracksuit and sneakers, it will give you a more daring look.


Like every year, this cold season comes with news. Now, the blazers stand out and this year, the one that takes the leading role is oversize. The best? At Vazz the Brand you can find some that you will love.


How to wear a blazer for women?


Vazz - woman wearing a blazerWith this piece, you can get casual and at the same time very chic. It’s designed for elegance, poise, and style. However, not all blazers are for everyone. In this sense, you have to take into account some things, such as your measurements.


First, it should be perfect at shoulder height and its seams should be just above the edge of the shoulders. Without protruding or being shorter.


Now, maybe you wonder, how do I get my ideal blazer? And for that I am here, to show you alternatives and that in turn, you can use yours properly.


In addition to the shoulders, you should avoid exceeding the wrists. Also, you should know which buttons to button, because sometimes they are not all. This garment, unlike a jacket, is more casual and can be made of wool, cotton, or linen, within sustainable materials.


How to wear a blazer in winter?


Vazz - woman with a dark outfitWinter is a special time, and in the world of fashion, it’s one of the most anticipated.


This is because it’s there where we can show some trends with more tranquility and freedom, such as capes and coats.


In some street-style catwalks in New York, we could see how to wear this trend in winter.


I guarantee that it will suit one hundred percent your style. Do you want to know how? Run to get a pencil and paper!


Blazer with a faux fur coat.


This is an interesting option to take with you on those days when you need to do an errand or go to lunch with family or friends. Over your normal outfit, you can wear a blazer and over it a faux fur coat.


Sustainable gabardine coat blazer.


There are sustainable raincoats due to their elaboration. In this case, you can combine it with a blazer for a complete look in nude tones.


Blazer with a cardigan. 


Vazz.Blog How to combine the blazer in autumn winterFabrics are our favorites. They are comfortable and simple, however, they elevate the outfit in a snap. You can wear it long to the knee to get a hippie and comfortable air.


When to wear a blazer? 


Technically, it’s very good for official occasions or when you need a more casual or semiformal outfit. It turns the elegant a little more relaxed and the more informal into something more formal, hence it’s versatility.


How to combine a Blazer?


Vazz - woman in the natureThe good news is that blazers have become a staple that will not leave us for many, many years.


Today it has become a great ally to succeed alongside you.


And this is where the million-dollar question comes in, how do I combine them?


  • With jeans and boots or ankle boots. Combine a blazer with your favorite jeans, from mom jeans, wide boot, or skinny jeans. Try to choose them with a high waist so that your legs look very long. Play with black boots or ankle boots for perfection.


  • Oversize and in full color. The time has come to lose the fear of colors and oversize garments. Go for a phosphorescent color sweater and balance it with an XXL size blazer. Then wear your boyfriend’s jeans for guaranteed success.


  • With a mini skirt and booties. Do you want to forget about the pants? Do it! It’s time to wear it with a matching miniskirt. For winter or autumn seasons, opt for thermal socks. The booties cannot be missing to steal the attention of everyone.


  • In a dress and boots. White dresses can also be worn in the fall. And to combine them, you can wear a navy blue blazer with high boots. You will fall in love with yourself!


What to wear with a black blazer?


Vazz - woman in the natureIf what you’re looking for is to show a lot of character and personality, I have the solution for you!


You can combine a black blazer with a long flowered dress.


Now, if you don’t want something so formal, but something more casual, combine black leather bots, the blazer, mom jeans, and a white shirt.


This way, you will look formal, but not so arranged.


What goes well with a blazer?


Vazz - woman with a dark outfitBlazers go with almost everything. We get it in different shapes, sizes, and fabrics. It fits us like a glove with whatever we add for the day.


Also, if you’re looking to combine a blazer in a neutral tone, you can opt for prints. These will make a difference through stripes, squares, diamonds, or shapes. You can also add accessories like a belt to give it more personality or roll up the sleeves for a more casual look.


The important thing is that you play with colors, shapes, styles and always, always be you in that look you wear. Clothes should exploit your personality as it is, not hide it or make it too flashy. Keep in mind that with our clothing we communicate, and it’s for this reason that we must be very clear about what we want to say and why.


How to combine the blazer in autumn-winter


At Vazz the Brand we are in favor of blazers as a basic and mid-season garment that all of us should have in our wardrobe. They are a plus of elegance to our style that I am sure we all want to achieve. Do you already have your blazer for this season?

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