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Tips to combine a crop top with a blazer. A crop top is a super versatile garment that you can wear wherever you go. Even if it’s small, it can help you look amazing with whatever you combine it with. After all, it will give your look a sexy and very feminine air. It’s mainly characterized by covering the bust and leaving the abdomen uncovered.


Fashion experts already consider it the key to achieving incredible and almost perfect outfits. In this sense, I want you to be encouraged to wear them. Now, if you aren’t one of those who love to show your belly, wearing it with a blazer will be the key.


There are many types of crop tops, just as there are many forms of female blazers. In fact, a blazer is an important part of a winter/fall outfit and the crop top is considered a very elegant casual garment. Do you want to know more about how this match is actually perfect? Take note!


How can you combine your favorite crop tops? to combine croptops-01Combining this iconic piece is very simple. The important thing is that you take into account that as soon as you put it on, you will look incredible. As I explained earlier, this short blouse exposes the abdomen and brings flirtatiousness and sensuality to your daily look.


Their story comes from the time of Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot who were the most sensual and beautiful women in the world. To the scandal of many and happiness for others, these women dared to wear these short blouses.


Around the end of the eighties and early nineties, this garment was once again the protagonist of the singer Madonna. We also began to see them in television series like “Fame” and “Beverly Hills 90210” where the protagonists used them almost always. It was from there that it stayed in our wardrobe.


Now, as everything in life has a rule and a norm, to wear this garment you need to find a balance. In the sense that if it’s very short, it is best to wear it with high-waisted garments. On the other hand, if it is long, the piece underneath can go to the hip.


How can I combine a top?


Vazz - woman wearing a crop topYou can wear it on formal office occasions or on those casual outings that deserve a sensual and special touch. You can find them in various styles and cuts that can be done from the simple to the elegant. So, I invite you to explore among the different types to combine it with your favorite blazers.


It’s worth telling you that in our store you can find two models of crop tops. One is called Top Caladrina and the other is called Top Fasian. Either of the two can bring a lot of sensuality to your figure, which will be beneficial for your self-esteem. The Fasian has a unique and elegant design due to its crossed straps to the chest and the buttons on its back make you look elegant.


They are made of linen, which makes them sustainable and eco-friendly. The perfect garment for a sustainable wardrobe., top and a jean.-03Blazer, top, and dress pants.


One of the favorite combinations for its elegance and sensuality. It does not matter what type of crop top you wear, although if it is one of ours, the better. The point is that you combine them with dress pants in neutral or red tones and a blazer over the crop top. Play with tennis shoes to look more effortless.


Blazer, top and jeans.


As soon as you read jean, you know it’s comfy. Because you know that using this combination you can never fail. You can opt for mom jeans or a high-waisted wide-leg to match the crop top and the blazer as a complement. Add some tennis shoes or high sandals. If you fold the hem to the ankle, you will look very classic and chic.


Blazer, top and short. 


Made of denim, leather, or linen. It does not matter what you decide, as long as you combine the color palette you choose very well. I recommend that you go for pastel and neutral colors. Gray, black, camel … or also pastels.


Blazer, top, and overalls.


Vazz - woman wearing a crop topDid I surprise you? Ha, I know. You can opt for a matching jumpsuit with your favorite crop top and a matching blazer for casual outings with your friends or a girls’ evening. Combine it with boots or ankle boots to give you a better style.


Blazer, top, and pencil skirt.


Risky, but very boho. Especially if the skirt is long or mid-calf. You can dare to combine the crop top with the skirt and a fitted blazer at your waist. As for footwear? You will see the one you like best with this combination. Dare to look different!


What to wear under a crop top?, top and short.-04In addition to pants at the waist, jeans, more party looks, shorts or a pencil skirt, you should know that to wear a crop top it must match your body type.


So, if you have broad shoulders, I recommend wearing a light-colored crop top that fits the figure that you can complement with a flowy garment underneath such as a skirt or wide jeans to achieve that balance.


Whereas if you are chubby, stop there! Sure you can use them. You should choose those that reach the middle of the torso and combine them with skirts or pants at the waist so that you only show a piece of skin. And if you want to stylize the figure, use it in total black.


Vazz - woman wearing a braletteIf your complexion is slim and you have almost no curves, you can choose a top with sleeves that have buttonholes, buttons, or ribbons in the front to create volume in the bust area. Finally, if you have wide hips, you can wear printed crop tops or cuts that draw attention to that upper area and add a dark garment underneath to make you look elegant.


What do you think of this garment? Do you already dare to use it? To tell the truth, we at Vazz the Brand love it for its versatility, comfort, and also for how feminine it makes us look. Have you already visited our store? There you can find amazing pieces to complement.

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