Eco-fashion fabrics: organic is in fashion

Vazz - Eco-fashion fabrics: organic is in fashion

Eco-fashion fabrics: organic is in fashion. Ecological clothing is causing a very positive impact in the world and today. Thanks to the creator, because it was necessary! This sustainable fashion is based on developing clothing models made entirely with natural fabrics. It is considered ecological, because not even in its preparation does it use chemical materials that pollute the environment.


The material that we find most when making this type of garment is ecological cotton. On the other hand, the materials used are free of fertilizers and pesticides. Known as vegan clothing, this fashion begins to be relevant to the planet and the world.


What are organic fabrics?


Vazz - organic fabricsEvery day, we can be more conscious when it comes to living, and how in reality we affect natural resources with our actions. So, finding an immediate solution to be that change that the world needs, organic fabrics emerged.


Within them, we find fabrics where chemical components have not been used. For example, herbicides, pesticides, or substances that influence plant growth. What do plants have to do with this? The truth is that everything because is where we get the materials for sewing.


Today, we use natural fertilizers, and some factories carry out exhaustive and deep controls on the compost and the water for plants to grow naturally.


Organic cotton, Eco-fashion fabrics. 


Grows with low-impact materials and methods. The fabric obtained from this material is soft and also protects us from the sun’s rays. On the other hand, it also allows our skin to breathe.




It comes from the stem of flaxseed and does not need as many fertilizers. It is strong, easy to clean, and its fabric is long-lasting.


Recycled polyester, Eco-fashion fabrics.


Its basic material is polyethylene terephthalate, also called PET. Once it is used in the manufacture of recycled fabrics, it prevents that when you no longer need them, they go to the trash.


Organic wool.


It comes from sheep raised on ethical and sustainable farms. It is also insulating, mold-resistant, and water repellent.


Hemp, Eco-fashion fabrics.


This material is extremely ecological and easy to grow. It has the particularity that it is resistant to pests and that guarantees its durability.


What are the most sustainable fabrics?


Vazz - fabrics - woman dressed in orangeFollowing these materials, we can also find others that are sustainable and organic.


Did you know that if your skin is delicate, these are the clothes you should choose? The truth was I had no idea, but now I want to know everything.


This is because thanks to its preparation and preparation, they can take care of your skin. Here are other examples:


Bamboo flax. 


It is ideal for fresh and timeless garments. Made of 50% cotton and 50% bamboo. So, it has hypoallergenic properties, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin.


Regenerated sweater, Eco-fashion fabrics. 


Pure innovation, focused on sustainability. It is made with cotton and PET reintegrated.


Salvaged textiles. 


They are unique garments that cannot be found in any other garment or collection. They are textile balances, production errors, or losses. This is rescued, purified and a high percentage of rolls are used to give them a second life, defects are eliminated, and the process is highlighted.


Recycled cotton, Eco-fashion fabrics.


Unlike organic, it is respectful and made from cotton fabrics. It is treated to become natural and any toxicity it may bring with it is removed.


What kinds of textiles are there?


In fashion, we call textile fiber the filaments used to form threads and later fabrics. In other words, through spinning or industrial processes. To use it, the fiber must meet certain characteristics in terms of its structure: such as fineness, length, character, color, brightness … among others.


However, if what we are looking for is sustainability, the textiles that I mentioned above are the ideal ones to create or look for an ecological garment.


What harm do fabrics do to the environment?


Vazz - woman with black clothesThere is data that attracts a lot of attention and particularly worries me regarding the damage that we can do to the planet.


Do you want to know some?


Currently, fast fashion manages to introduce trend collections to the market that will last for quite short periods.


While they continue to produce garments with low-quality materials to ensure a “lower price”. This makes it disposable.


Why is the textile industry so polluting?


Vazz - woman with black clothes in the natureDid you know that workers in countries where fast fashion garments are manufactured work even more than sixteen hours a day? And with precarious conditions, because they generally come from South Asia, such as Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, and others…


With terrible conditions of miserable work, it is usually a quite ethical problem and an example of labor exploitation and an attack on human rights.


In a report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in 2015, since 2000 the production of clothing has more or less doubled by fifty billion garments. However, that’s not all. Fifteen years later, this number increased to a hundred billion!


So, you ask yourself, what is the environmental impact? The truth is that there are many negative implications. However, the most harmful is on the planet, because only the production of clothing represents 10% of CO₂ emissions globally.


For its part, the pollution generated by this industry reaches the land and water in turn. What do you think when you hear that washing clothes discharge approximately 500 thousand tons of microplastics a year into the oceans?


And I could go on… There is a lot of alarming data that this industry carries, but you can make a difference. You can start taking responsibility for what you use and where you buy it. One garment at a time.


How to know that a garment is organic?


Vazz - woman walkingThis is the question that I am dying to answer you. To know if what we are going to buy is ecological, the first thing to notice is the label. There are several certifications and I will name you the most important ones.


  • GOTS: (Global organic textile standards). This label certifies that at least 70% of the garment is ecological and manufactured sustainably.


  • Made in green: (Textile Technology Institute – AITEX) They certify that the fabrics do not harm the environment, that they are ecological, and therefore do not harm the skin.


Where to buy ecological women’s clothing?


Vazz - woman in the natureI know that changing habits is not an easy task. However, I will take care of you and tell you that at Vazz the brand you can find beautiful designs made sustainably and organically.


This type of garment is comfortable and simple, which will make you feel on a cloud and with very well cared for skin.


Check out our store and add everything you want to the cart.


Ready to change the world together?

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