How eco-friendly clothing helps the environment

Vazz - How eco-friendly clothing helps the environment

How eco-friendly clothing helps the environment. Have you ever wondered how you can help the planet with the clothes you wear? Are you aware that your habits can contribute a grain of sand to the conservation of natural resources?


If your answer is yes or no, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will explain how with ecological clothing you can contribute to this excellent cause, and in turn, you will be able to understand everything behind it. The idea is that you understand how this new movement has an advantage in terms of national production and work ethic.


What are the benefits of eco-fashion?


Vazz - woman wearing a black dressIn addition to protecting the planet, ecological clothing is excellent for your health. Yes, you read that right, for health. This has resulted in sustainable fashion earning a very important place in society.


It is thanks to the fact that they use recyclable materials, such as bottles, tires, fishing nets, egg boxes … and many natural products such as silk, algae, bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton.


Among the most important benefits of ecological clothing is that it protects the skin and is even suitable for newborn children to use. This is due to its lower exposure to toxic substances such as chlorine, copper, zinc, copper, chromium, and stop counting …


Besides, the clothes made in this way and use materials such as organic cotton and linen, come from organic agriculture that does not use pesticides, insecticides, or anything aggressive or harmful.


In addition, thanks to its natural and organic elaboration, you won’t have skin allergies when wearing them. This is because they are soft and respectful. Did you know that it also helps combat child exploitation?


To tell the truth, this is the most interesting and good thing, because, in India, over 200 thousand children under 15 years old work in cotton plantations under subhuman conditions and at the service of transnational corporations.


Characteristics of ecological clothing


Vazz - woman by the poolIt is made with raw materials such as cotton, linen, recycled paper … from organic agriculture that does not use pesticides or anything aggressive or harmful to the environment and the planet.


So, it makes it important to be respectful with the planet, not being invasive, in turn, it helps to respect human and labor rights.


In theory and practice, it helps combat child exploitation and ensures international trade without unfair competition. The garments have high quality, greater durability, are more breathable, and produce fewer allergies.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of ecological clothing?


Vazz - woman with a green dressAs for the advantages, besides the ones above, there’s also the reduction of pollution to the planet. On the other hand, it also encourages recycling and reusing, as well as promoting fair and responsible consumption.


However, this isn’t all! It also favors local production, commits to quality, and creates small collections.


However, not everything can be perfect, the main obstacle we find is the increased cost of garments (high prices) and also the lack of an adequate commercial network.


Goals of organic clothing


Vazz - woman by the pool - ecological clothingBeyond a trend, its objective is to cause a very low impact on the world, but at the same time, generate a high impact on consumers and the change in consumer awareness.


In addition to dressing us, ecological clothing manages to make our skin breathe through fabrics and benign substances.


This type of garment is not only about using only organic fabrics but about reusing garments that already exist or recycled materials, as I mentioned earlier. The goal is for all of us to be able to upcycle.


What characteristics should ecological clothing and accessories have?


Vazz - woman with a red dress - ecological clothingYou should know first that the materials have to be the ones you saw before. You also have to make sure that the dyes to color the accessories and the manufacturing are sustainable. How do I know that what I buy is ecological?


You will know it by looking at the labels of the garments, they must be the certificates of their production. Second, within these labels, the Skal certificate will allow us to know if that garment is free of chemicals.


Finally, we can find cotton t-shirts with positive messages, scarves, and handkerchiefs, sweaters, jeans, shirts, handmade leather bags, wallets, and purses …


What harm does fabric cause in the environment?


Vazz.Blog.How ecological clothing helps the environment.What damage does fabric cause in the environmentIn past articles, we have talked about how the fashion industry is the second most harmful industry in the world. This is thanks to its use of pollutants and its excessive production. In fact, according to a UN report, this industry is responsible for almost 20% of global wastewater. Added to this, it’s also in charge of 10% of carbon emissions.


They pollute because the textile fibers used are cotton, polyester, and nylon. Unfortunately, these compounds are not biodegradable and washing causes these fibers to detach, generating microplastics that sadly reach the sea.


In theory, in the US alone, during 2016 a total of 16,890,000 tons of clothing were produced. From them, around 11,150,00 were discarded, 3,170,000 incinerated and only 2,570,000 were recycled.


There’s a problem that we must attack, and that is how fashion fans don’t buy clothes out of necessity. They do it for pleasure or to follow the newest trends. Because of this, if you choose to be more responsible, you won’t have a hundred different pieces in your closet. However, there are alternatives, such as buying, selling, or exchanging garments.


This way, you will help give a second life to those garments that you no longer wear. Besides, you will also help someone find their own style. Everyone wins! Including the planet.


Finally, we must buy responsibly, understand where our clothes come from and how they were made. Added to this, we must also avoid buying unnecessarily. At Vazz the brand we’re much in favor of this ecological fashion. That’s why everything in our store comes from sustainable materials.


What do you say? Do you want to be eco-friendly?

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