Tricks to elevate your style with jackets

Vazz - Tricks to elevate your style with jackets

Tricks to elevate your style with jackets. If you are one of those who, like me, you look at yourself in the mirror and you see yourself sober, simple and straightforward, with nothing interesting or new to tell. Let’s open a club for the misunderstood! Because it happened to me many times.


Now, I have the solution for you! Actually, everything in this beautiful life has it, and we just need a garment that can do magic in our sober outfit without having to think too much about it. All you need is creativity and learn to balance your look by choosing the ideal garment.


However, it is not something eccentric or too extravagant, the truth is that with a jacket full of style to elevate your look, you will be able to elevate your style from zero to one hundred. That is why at Vazz the Brand we bring some tricks full of spells that will help you achieve this goal with this basic garment. Ready to learn?


How to elevate your look?


Vazz -How to elevate your look? - jacketsBefore we go in depth, I would like to explain what it means to elevate your style.


The truth is that sometimes we find ourselves through life trying to find that secret formula to make our outfit of the day look different and there are several times that we get frustrated, because nothing seems enough.


Elevating your style consists of wearing something different that will sparkle and attract attention.


These tips will help you put into practice what you need to make your style unique and different. The best thing is that you don’t need too many things. Write down these tricks!


Give air to basic clothes.


You need a good wardrobe background and apply the versatility of each garment. Create combinations between them and this is where you can take advantage of the jacket.


The blazer, for example, can help you achieve great combinations in your looks without dying in the attempt. If it is sustainable, much better. We have some models of blazers made sustainably in wool and silk, it will be a plus that you will not be able to go unnoticed. 


Experiment in layers, Tricks to elevate your style with jackets


Especially in these cold seasons, take advantage of them to achieve a very versatile and always fashionable look. Creating harmonies with textures and colors. I recommend that you go from the internal to the external: light to thick. If you wear a short jacket, you can look incredibly good.


In our store you can find a pyramid jacket in white that can be very useful to elevate your style, it is also sustainable.


Two basic garments plus a striking one.


Vazz - Two basic garments plus a striking one.The result will be spectacular.


You can choose a jean or pants, t-shirt or crop top and our pyramid jacket to make your outfit look incredible.


I love to give you style options and the coat in our store can also count as a jacket and that is why I invite you to find it in our store “blue print” and combine it with pants and a shirt or blouse of your choice.



Mono color is always a good option.


Vazz - Mono color is always a good option.You can choose the same block color and play with the different shades.


It will give you elegance and a lot of style.


If you decide to go for the color white, you can play with layers and shine with a different color.


Visit our store and find the pyramid jacket, its 100 percent cotton material and its open sleeves will attract attention in the blink of an eye. Its layer details and seam edges will fulfill the function of transforming your outfit and elevating it.


What makes your look original? - What makes your look original?Making your outfit look like a magazine model and expensive is possible and you can do it with small changes that can make a difference.


It is not good to stay in our comfort zone when it comes to style that is based only on shirts from your favorite group or the basic jeans that you do not dare to change.


If you want to look very original, I will show you how to achieve it by mixing and being creative when choosing combination ideas.


Mix prints.


Although it is a time of cold or heat, the print is an outfit that reinvents itself and arrives with a lot of attitude and strength. Above all full of attitude. Filling your wardrobe with style can be achieved with a good mix of prints.


Accessories are your weapon.


The secret is that your appearance is noticeable and striking, that others remember it. That is why accessories will always be an interesting and incredible option to achieve it. If they are made of sustainable materials, you will have guaranteed success.


The shoes should be what makes the difference.


Always take footwear into account, as an accessory will always attract attention. You don’t need to step into 10-inch heels for it to be eye-catching. Choose a pair that is comfortable and is the perfect complement.


How to make a change of look with clothes?


Vazz -How to make a change of look with clothes? - jacketsThe jacket may be the only thing you need to stand out from all the others. Now, you do not need to always be within the trends or use colors that attract too much attention. The main thing is that it elevates your self-esteem and you feel super comfortable.


Printed jackets.


As I told you, bright colors are not necessary if you do not want it, or use pastel tones if you do not like them. Just add an interesting pattern. Especially if you opt for a total black look, because it will help you stand out.


Bright jackets.


If it’s a bomber, so much the better. It is classic and full of style. It can give you a casual, formal or retro style. Its silhouette is simple, which makes it striking.


Classic military jackets.


It is the best color to wear the jacket. It combines with almost everything and looks great. At any time of the year it will make you look unique and different. Now, gray, black, white and blue can also be great basics for your wardrobe.


What do you think of these combinations with jackets? Which is your favorite? At Vazz the Brand we invite you to try it, especially if it is eco-friendly, so that you contribute to the environment and contribute that grain of sand that this world needs so much.

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