The key to a new world of accessories: all you need to know about sustainable jewelry


The key to a new world of accessories: all you need to know about sustainable jewelry. The world is changing and evolving, in our favor, of course. Every day, more designers and brands have joined the sustainable wave. This is why I am sure that together we will be able to show that consciousness that the planet and the animals so badly need.


Talking about sustainability is talking about the future. And since this era came into our lives we have questioned, worried, and above all concerned with the ethical parameters at a social and environmental level about the waste we generate. Now, this has been a positive influence so that every day more areas of the fashion world join.


In this sense, the jewelry sector has also sought to open its way in this eco-friendly world. For this, it has managed to develop works of art made from minerals extracted without polluting chemicals. What do you think about this? Keep reading, that at Vazz the Brand we are going to inform you more about what sustainable jewelry is and its influence!


What is sustainable jewelry?


Vazz.Blog what is sustainable jewelry What is sustainable jewelrySustainable jewelry is those pieces produced and developed through ethical and sustainable values ​​in all its processes. Starting with its design to the final stage of packaging.


These jewels use raw materials and sustainable processes. This, in addition to the ethical values, is maintained with each person part of the process. Which is extremely important!


Previously, hardly anyone cared about the process of making jewelry. Something worrying considering that it involves a very violent process for the ecosystem and people. Besides, it thrives on scarce and commercialized materials.


So, thanks to the analysis of environmental damage, now more and more brands have become aware of this. Many of them now work with ethics and sustainability as solutions and responsible alternatives. There are also ways to use these materials responsibly. Do you want to know how? Take note!


Responsible gold.


Vazz.Blog Sustainable jewelry that is responsible goldGold and silver are the most used materials in jewelry.


However, the extraction of gold has generated over time the displacement of aboriginal communities.


In addition to that, it has also caused water contamination.


In the case of “ethical” jewelers, they reject that dirty gold. Instead, they work with gold certified by different NGOs that support artisanal mines.


Recycling and reuse. 


Vazz.Blog Sustainable jewelry what it is Recycling and reuseUnlike clothing, jewelry is never destroyed, it melts and is used again. In this sense, the reuse and recovery of the old are sought. Another option is recycling electronic waste to create beautiful pieces.


Artificial diamonds


Synthetic crystals are the new diamonds everyone is talking about. Created in a lab, they have a much lower carbon footprint. Believe it or not, Swarovski is increasing the use of these elaborate diamonds, which make them cheaper.


How does jewelry affect the environment?


Vazz.Blog, what is sustainable jewelery, how jewelery affects the environmentThere are many reasons why jewelry production negatively affects the environment. It isn’t only about labor exploitation and the violation of rights. The ecological damage that now generates a deeper and more delicate conflict must also be taken into account.


The mining of minerals such as gold, silver, diamonds, precious stones and others, has serious consequences in our waters. But this isn’t all, since they also generate the emission of greenhouse gases, and as if that wasn’t enough, they also cause soil erosion.


Dr. Guthrie, dean of Administration and International Business at the University of Washington School of Business, stated that the use of toxic chemicals in mining with materials such as cyanide, in the case of gold, generates 20 tons of waste for every ounce of gold. A very alarming figure!


The extraction of resources to produce jewelry is carried out in developing countries and this results in labor exploitation. Now, in the case of pearls, although they don’t require mining work, are also part of the concern. This is because when oysters are raised in nets, organisms that grow on them such as glans and sponges can be contaminants in the process of washing them.


What raw material does eco-jewelry use?


Vazz what raw material is used in eco jewelry_I want to invite you to think outside the box, beyond gold, silver, and all the others. Now think of recycled materials, such as plastic from bottles, scraps of clothing, glass … What do you think? Can you see it in any accessory?


There are many creative ways to use them and at the same time be in solidarity with the environment. Can you believe that there are materials everywhere, but you can’t see them with the naked eye? We just have to detail and expand our imagination to be able to create the new and sustainable.


Also, clear plastic can be a kind of glass, and it doesn’t break. Besides, scraps of textiles or glass for mosaics and unique and original designs are beautiful. The secret is to find those materials aligned to sustainability. For example, there are many others such as silk, eco-leather, steel, porcelain, or titanium that are reusable and sustainable.


How does the extraction of precious materials impact nature and the environment?


It affects and in very negative ways. It’s absurd to hurt animals and exploit natural resources to satisfy the needs, and often whims, of human beings. And if we go back to history a bit, for many centuries we have been exploiting the environment in which we live for survival or to improve our quality of life.


This doesn’t mean that from now on we have to be conformists and change one hundred percent, of course not. Rather, it means starting to raise awareness and change our attitude to avoid doing more harm to the planet.


What can we do to help?


Vazz - artificial diamondsThis could be the million-dollar question, and perhaps the most important. At Vazz the Brand, we recommend a few things:


Support organizations.


Not only focused on mining but also brands like ours that focus on producing sustainable garments with a work ethic.


If you buy jewelry, make it ecological.


It doesn’t mean that you must now throw away everything you have of gold or silver, no. It’s about that from now on, the jewels you buy, are sustainable and with known ecologists.


What do you think of sustainable jewelry? Do you already have yours?

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