10 fashion tips that you should definitely consider

Vazz - 10 fashion tips that you should definitely consider

10 fashion tips that you should definitely consider:


1. Notice your figure


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Small women should avoid clothes that make them look smaller. Large prints usually have an unfavorable effect. So, you should choose tailored clothing, narrow shapes, thin straps and soft fabrics.


Women with very large breasts should make sure that they are not additionally emphasized by clothing. A big pattern or slogan across the chest just isn’t the real deal here. Better to turn your gaze down to trousers or a skirt. These parts can be a bit more eye-catching and colorful.

Wide stripes make you look fuller, while narrow stripes make you look slimmer. So, small patterns are more suitable for heavier women and large prints are more suitable for tall, slender women.


A V-neck also makes it look slimmer, as does skirts with small slits on the sides. Problem areas can be optimally concealed with the right clothing. Loosely falling tunics, for example, make small puffs on the stomach disappear.


The skirt length should match your height and stature. Mini-skirts just look better on taller women with slender legs than they do on small, stout women. In contrast, calf-length skirts can be worn by almost every woman.


2. Your clothes should be chosen according to the occasion, Fashion tips


Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. However, there are situations where you have to adapt. This is the case in the office or in some other professions. But even here, you still have the option to choose between different styles. Trouser suits still look good for the office or for the city.


A trouser suit should be part of the standard wardrobe of every woman. It can be easily combined with other parts and is timelessly classic. For leisure, it can be more sporty. Jeans and a fashionable tunic or a tight shirt – wear what you like. There are different styles of clothes: romantic, classic, noble, erotic, sporty, retro etc. Wear the style that suits you and your personality and the occasion.


3. Accessories complete every outfit


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The right fashion accessories can add the finishing touch to your outfit. Round chains “fill in” a section well. Long chains look particularly nice with tight-fitting shirts.


Long earrings visually stretch the wearer’s neck. Short earrings, on the other hand, appear subtle and inconspicuous. A matching scarf tied around the neck can turn a simple shirt into an eye-catcher. And a hat can be the icing on the cake for your wardrobe.


You should always choose the accessories according to the occasion. Big earrings don’t go with a sporty outfit, and the jewelry can be a bit more conspicuous with an evening dress.


4. Accentuate your appearance with the right makeup, Fashion tips


Makeup – that doesn’t always mean having to be conspicuously made up. Rather, makeup is a way of emphasizing your type, highlighting advantages and covering up small flaws. Depending on the occasion, you can put on makeup, so that hardly anyone can see it, or you can choose striking colors to accent your face.


A subtle makeup is recommended for everyday life. Make sure you use a primer that suits you. Apply some blush, but only enough that your face looks a little fresher. Emphasize the eyes with eyeliner and some mascara. When it comes to lipstick, you should be more cautious. The classic red is more for the evening – during the day a slightly shiny natural shade is better suited.


In the end, you can then “apply a little thicker”. The blush can be used more heavily and you can also emphasize the eyes with glittering eyeshadows. Now is the time for some eye-catching lipstick. Don’t miss buying makeup kits at best price with Amazon promo codes


5. Every woman needs handbags


For the day, you need a purse that you can easily take with you to the office. Most women have a purse made of classic leather in black or brown. For shopping, a larger purse is more suitable, in which you can also store smaller purchases. A small black purse is ideal for going to a concert or theater in the evening.


6. The relationship has to be right, Fashion tips


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Pay attention to the correct proportion of the clothes you are wearing.


The length of the jacket must match the length of the skirt.


The shoes must match the trousers or the skirt and also match your overall outfit.


The materials should also be coordinated with one another.


7. Your clothes must be selected according to the time of year


In spring and summer, light colors and airy materials are popular. Conveniently, you should wear more muted colors in autumn or winter, as light-colored clothing can be soiled more quickly by slush. In winter, you need a warm jacket or winter coat. Knitted sweaters or cozy cardigans also ensure that you don’t get cold. The footwear must also match the weather.


In the cooler, wet season, the shoes should be made of a water-repellent material and be lined. When it gets warmer outside, the sandals and flip-flops are used again. Of course, well-groomed feet are part of open-toe shoes.


8. Don’t mix different styles together, Fashion tips


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Pattern mix is ​​still in vogue. But don’t mix and match different styles.


A skirt with a retro look doesn’t go well with a shirt with an animal print.


And it is best not to combine the romantic flower dress with sports shoes.


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9. Try out new fashions!


Most women have their own style and stay true to it. But sometimes it can also be good to jump over your own shadow and try out new trends. Go boldly into town and try on a new shape of pants or a slightly differently cut top. A new color can also give your appearance a little more freshness.


10. And your wardrobe should contain:


Vazz.Sustainable fashion.Blog.10 fashion tips that you should definitely considerAnd your wardrobe should contain

  • At least two pairs of classic cloth trousers (preferably black, khaki or beige)
  • Skirts (classic and modern) in your preferred length
  • A classic trouser suit
  • Various tops such as shirts and tunics (long and short sleeves)
  • Thicker sweaters for winter
  • Various lingerie (briefs, bras, undershirts)
  • Socks and pantyhose in different colors and materials
  • Shoes for different occasions and seasons (including more classic shoes for the office or for going to the theater)
  • Transitional jacket, winter coat or winter jacket, cardigan
  • Rainwear
  • Any sportswear (functional clothing)
  • Handbags for every occasion
  • Various accessories (jewelry, shawls, scarves, etc.)


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