Discover the latest fashion trends for Fall 2022

Vazz - Discover the latest trends for Fall 2022

Discover the latest fashion trends for Fall 2022. Are you one of those who are thinking ahead when it comes to fashion? Then you have come to the right place. Today, I bring you the fashion trends that will remain for the fall of 2022! In addition, we will think about the sustainable and ecological, as always.


As you already know, this world is very varied and its versatility can make it turn our heads on more than one occasion. Now, don’t feel lost just yet. It is important to note that until next year, many things can change. I come to show you how through the acquisition of conscious and very current garments you can be up-to-date.


While it is true that showing you this wonderful world is a pleasure, I must confess that these changes can happen without warning. It is one of the disadvantages that did not occur a long time ago. Before, trends didn’t expire almost instantly.


In case you did not know, next year is a year when the key in clothing will be elegance, ingenuity, and style. So, with our beautiful combinations, the idea is to communicate that message of comfort and elegance.


What will be in fashion in 2022?


Vazz - woman wearing black clothesIsn’t it incredible that 2021 hasn’t started yet and we already have a prediction of what will happen next year?


The truth is, yes, and this fast stage in which we are all going through continues to amaze me.


Read on and let’s discover the trends that will continue to be in fashion next year, whatever the forecast.



Button-down shirt with blazers or jackets. 


Vazz - woman wearing a tuxedoIn particular, I think nothing will ever get button-down shirts out of our closet. These buttoned shirts are preferred for their versatility and also provide you with a very fresh and simple look.


While white is the most classic, you can be a bit riskier and experiment with the colors that will be in trend next year: butter yellow, ocean blue, bubblegum pink, or olive green.


In our store, you will find a unisex Momoto shirt made with one hundred percent linen. And while it doesn’t have buttons, it can be an awesome option for you. On the other hand, the knotting at the low waist will give you a lot of styles and attract attention to that area.


For a good autumn combination, you can opt for a padded blazer or jacket, or simply a vest that helps you with low temperatures.


It’s no secret to anyone that crochet is a bet that we know will remain in the coming year, and we hope that in the years to come. It is modern, sensual, and flattering for any type of figure. In addition, it is functional for any time of the year, since the fabrics can serve to keep you cool during the heat. On the other hand, it also works for those climates like autumn, where they can bring warmth if you play with layers.


We presume that knitted fabrics, with colors and in any design will be the trend for autumn 2022. They are also very eco-friendly, which is already more profitable.


For autumn, you can combine them with stockings, leggings, boots, long or short jackets … Make your style unique.


The handkerchief, the latest fashion trends for Fall 2022


Vazz - woman wearing pink clothesThat’s right, don’t frown. This garment or accessory, whatever you want to call it, can be tied in a thousand ways on the hair and it will also help you to give more volume if you wish.


The scarf looks great with dresses, skirts, pants, or shorts.




 The color silver will be one of the most seen trends in autumn 2022. Silver gives us shine, is striking, and is also considered as a way to express the freedom we feel. This garment, in a dress and leggings, will be a good option for fall 2022.


There are many sustainable and cruelty-free designs that we can adopt with this color, many materials, and design sets.


Synthetic fur


Vazz - woman wearing black clothes - - trends for fallThinking about caring for the planet and animals, of course! And how good that it is. We are happy that some designers are thinking about that every day.


Synthetic leather is made of plastic, and that makes it vegan.


This garment will take a lot next year, in fact, it was promoted this year, and it is here to stay.


After all, we all want and must seek the difference and care that the planet and the animals deserve. There is no way back.


What colors are in fashion 2022?


Vazz - woman with orange clothes - - trends for fallAccording to the Pantone Color Institute, we can find among the colors for fall 2022 those that give versatility, encompass, and in turn, approve of the way we lead our lives.


The color in fall 2022 will seek expression, calm, and healing.


Likewise, they will be thought of joy and hope. Within which we can find:


The camel. 


This will be considered a classic, but in turn, it will give you more style. You can wear it in any type of wardrobe or accessories. In a total look, too? Of course, it will look fabulous.


Butter yellow.


This color is very sober, but with the position, you will transmit innovation and it could become a great ally. In autumn, it is perfect to bring out color.


Olive green, the latest fashion trends for Fall 2022


In materials such as khaki, it would look very good and will be a very safe bet for your fall outfits. You can also wear it in dresses or pants.


Metallic colors came to us to help us create incredible combinations. They also provide a lot of shine and for those who love to attract attention, it is ideal to combine and give strength to that wardrobe.


These are some of the colors that are ringing for the coming year. Try them on separate garments or in a total look and they will still look amazing. Believe in me when I tell you that it is a sure triumph.


Trends 2022 WGSN


Vazz - woman wearing red pants - trends for fallAccording to the WGSN company, the world leader in fashion trend forecasting, this year comes with radical changes and not so much. So, the designs are based on inspiration, movement, 3D designs, and sustainability. Thinking of the planet, it is important to highlight that in terms of fashion, it is very important to maintain it.


At Vazz the Brand we seek that collective consciousness where we can think about the planet and its care. The trends of autumn 2022 will come sweeping everything and we will be here ready for that and continue to keep you up to date. What do you think of these trends?


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