The up-and-coming fashion Trends for summer 2022

Vazz - The up-and-coming fashion Trends for summer 2022

The up-and-coming fashion trends for summer 2022. Is it not curious that we haven’t left summer and we already have some predictions, and not astrological ones, of what the summer of 2022 will be like? This will never cease to amaze me, and I will never tire of saying it.


Vazz - woman doing yoga by the poolIf you read our previous articles, you will know that the year 2022 will be loaded with colors, brightness, elegance, and a lot of optimism.


Besides, we all know that in summer, what we all want is an escape from reality and everyday life. We need that antidote that keeps us going, and clothes help us do that.


At Vazz the Brand, we are going to bring you the trends that you cannot miss this coming year. In the same way, we’re also going to share the key points of what will come and some colors that will not go unnoticed in the summer.


What is the color of 2022?


Vazz.Blog.Trends for summer 2022. What is the color of 2022Do you know how a garment communicates? Through the color palette and its combination. Did you know that? It’s not that difficult, actually. Colors have their psychology and it’s currently stronger than ever.


Although 2020 closed us in, 2021 opened the door to new styles and changes at the interior and exterior levels. As was the case with less tight and freer garments, opening 2022 to continue with that spirit of freedom, hope, and optimism.


So what is the color that will dominate all of 2022? According to the director of Trends, this will be the Quetzal color: green. That’s right, green! It will be involved in everything: fashion, design, music, and art.


Why green? What does it represent? Calm down, I’ll explain it to you. It turns out that green represents the forbidden, moving forward, and carrying on. Besides, after being lost like a bird in the grass without knowing where we’re going to end up with all this pandemic issue, it comes in handy to have hope and purity.


However, it isn’t just green that will predominate. Colors like dazzling yellow, bright orange, fuchsia, and juicy colors also say present.


Summer fashion 2022


Vazz - woman wearing a pink bikiniThe trends will appear with electricity and brilliance. And these open the way to collections full of cheerful elements and life. In this way, it’s possible to dazzle by providing elegance, optimism, and relaxation which is very characteristic of summer.


Consequently, summer 2022 will bring us basic garments and striking pieces. These will make us see ourselves as an infinite energy source of the universe just for the summer.


Do you want to know what is going to be fashionable? Read on to find out:


The handmade.


Thinking about the future and caring for the planet, which we genuinely appreciate, we will find garments with natural prints, and knitted fabrics. Thanks to creativity and upcycling, we have managed to modernize and create unique designs.


We will mix fabrics with fringes, painted, handmade, or made to measure. Natural fibers that will challenge your imagination will be very fashionable. They will also have the freedom to play with contemporary colors and styles.


Loungewear for comfort, Fashion trends for summer 2022


This is a garment that is definitely here to stay, and it seems like it won’t go away soon. This trend will be updated with sunny and bright tones. On the other hand, they will add volumes and sustainable fabrics will be increased.


Taking into account comfort as the main factor, we must know that elegance and style are too. With loungewear, we will find draped waists and hems.


Back to the past. 


Vazz - woman wearing a black bikiniThis should be a statement. Especially in summer times.


After all, 2022 will arrive with royal-inspired details and stunning goddesses to enhance femininity and romance.


What you thought traditional will now arrive with cardigans, bishop sleeves, and the classic corset.


Can you imagine wearing a corset in the middle of 2022?


The new fashion trends for 2022


Vazz.Blog.Trends for summer 2022.Trends for summer 2022In addition to the aforementioned, we will also see prints and patterns set a trend in fashion 2022.


Maintaining high comfort and sports leisure, these garments come to redirect and perfect what we already knew to make it extraordinary.


Vibrant prints. 


I insist, color will be the protagonist and that’s why we will find it in different patterns. Especially the florals that we will see in dresses, beachwear, and swimsuits. Folkloric prints will also arrive to decree hope.


Floral prints, Fashion trends for summer 2022


Whether with sprouts, extra-large, or very tiny, flowers will abound the summer of the coming year. They will create harmony in our outfits and bring us closer to mother earth. However, the most delicate ones will manage to present abstract, feminine, and romantic looks.


Geometric patterns.


Stripes, squares, and rhombuses will knock on our door to show us that in addition to flowers, in patterns and shapes we can also find flattering clothing such as vertical, wild, and horizontal stripes. They flatter depending on the silhouette, giving you a wild and unique style.


As for the horizontal stripes, they will be minimized a bit, but this doesn’t mean that they won’t be the most sought after, no ma’am. They are dramatic and loud. With them, you will always be able to attract attention.


The squares and rhombuses.


Although the patterns are more springy, they will also become part of our outfits in summer. This is because their patterns can be spectacular in a bikini or swimsuit.


Fashion trends for summer 2022


Vazz - woman wearing an orange bikiniAll clear now? Incredibly we can already see some combinations based on tie-dye, flowers, denim shorts, jumpsuits, loose and straight jeans, baggy wide-boot pants, and crop tops.


Finally, we can define the coming year as the year of continuity of street style trends. A year when we seek freedom, printing, and where we still want our clothes to speak for us.


The time has come to put aside old beliefs and give ourselves a chance to be inspired. Going back to the past can be good to achieve preppy or street style combinations, athleisure, or whatever your preference is.


The only thing that we Vazz the Brand want is to see you buy sustainable and eco-friendly garments. Caring for the planet is our responsibility and we want to share our experience with you.

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