A Guide to wearing a long dress


A Guide to wearing a long dress. Wearing a long dress is something we all want to try at some point. However, we don’t always manage to wear it in good style. Either due to incorrect proportions or the simple fact of not knowing our body type. Whatever the reason, we all run the risk of choosing the wrong model or size.


Starting from the beginning, where we know that a long dress is one of the most versatile garments that exists, it’s important to recognize that not everything fits as well or is the same as the others. Therefore, at Vazz the Brand we choose this day to teach you how to use them properly.


I recognize that in the world there are as many forms of long dresses as there are women’s bodies. Therefore, the important thing is that you follow a series of steps that will help you not to fail the next time you buy this garment. In this sense, I invite you to take a few minutes to read this guide to win that battle.


How long is a long dress?


Vazz.Blog.Guide to wear a long dress.Midi long dressesWe have talked about dresses and the beauty that each figure looks like, the ability they have to stylize figures, and how well they look when worn correctly. However, in the case of the long dress, we know little about what is the appropriate length for each event. Today, I would like to clarify this question.


Long midi dresses.


There is a piece well below the knee and should reach mid-leg, a few inches above the ankles. It is used for evening or night events. It is elegant and elevates the formality of our outfit. I recommend using it with simple designs and some details to highlight your personality.


Long dresses.


The long dress must always be below the ankle or flush. The usual thing is to get it down to the ground, covering the entire foot. However, it is increasingly common to find it up to the ankle, leaving it open. They can be worn for a late-night or gala.


The long dress is considered a top-label garment and is characterized by its quality and elegance. They look good in any color but white if we are going to a wedding or a day event.


How should you wear a long dress?


Vazz.Blog.Guide to wear a long dress.Long dressesSince long dresses came into our lives again, they did so with the sole objective of staying, becoming an interesting alternative to take anywhere.


Now, there are some rules to know before putting on your dress.


So stay with us and keep reading to know them.


Color helps you style.


Monochrome dresses are perfect to stylize the figure, either during the day or at night. They also help you create casual and sometimes daring looks, depending on how you combine them.


It will not be the same for the day as for the night.


You have to know how to differentiate that each event requires a different garment. So if you wear long evening dresses, these should be more striking with heavy fabrics that adapt to your body. While for the day, you can opt for more fluid garments.


If you are plump, V-neckline.


A low V-neckline is ideal for curvy women. You can also choose one that has sleeves to hide the rolls on the arms.


How to wear a long dress if you are short?


Vazz - woman wearing black clothesFor short women, those silhouettes are perfect where the neckline falls below the bust line and the cut fits perfectly to the central area and shoulders.


So it is important to find clothes that stylize the figure and by themselves achieve an incredible outfit full of harmony. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!


If you are short, combine it with heels.


A long dress, depending on its design, will not always look good with slippers or sandals. The exception is that the length reaches the ankle and is worn for the day.


Lingerie dress.


Not only are they representative of the 90s, but they have also been considered the main alternative for women who want to define their silhouette and lengthen it. Keep in mind that the cut should widen your waist and be chromatic.


Asymmetrical dresses.


Asymmetrical dresses alone manage expand the silhouette of short women. Now, I recommend that you avoid round-toe shoes. Instead, wear ballet flats or pointy heels.


Shirt dresses.


Vazz - woman wearing white clothesI recommend dresses that are fluid and monochrome. As a complement, you can use pointed boots of the same color as the dress to visually lengthen your silhouette.


In our store, we have a spectacular long and loose green dress made with completely sustainable cotton, which can be transformed into a low-cut dress in a single movement. In addition, the elastic at the waist will help you define the silhouette. Would you like to know what it is?


Click here.


What shoes go with a long dress?


Vazz - woman wearing red clothesNow that we know a little more about shoes, I would like to invite you to discover which shoes are the best for you, be it for a dinner, a party, going to the beach or working. Ready?


Metallized. Don’t get surprised! Yes, they look great. You can wear sandals with a dress and go for a walk, to the mall or with your friends.


Esparto. Their versatility allows you to use them daily, either on the beach or when going out. They look great with this type of dress.


Wedges. They give you comfort, simplicity and can also become a garment that adds formality. In red or gingham squares, wear them for your long dresses.


Flip-flops. They are beautiful in a long dress. You can choose from different colors, depending on the dress, but they are classics par excellence.


Heel. In any of its presentations, the heel is essential to give an elegant touch to your outfit, day or night.


What type of coat is used for a long dress?


Vazz - woman wearing black clothesFor the long dress, you can use faux fur coats, empire silhouette, blazers, jackets, bomber jackets… whatever you decide to wear for any occasion. Even leather jackets!


Now, what do you think of this guide? Do you like it? Tell us what you think of long dresses and which ones are your favorites.


At Vazz the Brand, we want to meet you and know if you visited our store.

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