How much does a dress cost in Mexico?

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How much does a dress cost in Mexico? Have you ever wondered how much you should invest to buy a dress in Mexico? Investing in quality garments is something that we should all do. Especially if the brands are eco-friendly and seek to generate a positive impact on the world and the planet.


Conscious consumption is something that many of us are talking about. This, in my opinion, is a good way to raise a message of consciousness to the world. After all, the damage we cause to mother earth is real, and if we don’t act now, when? It is for this reason that today at Vazz the Brand we will talk about dresses and their costs.


I would like to start this article by explaining that it isn’t necessary to have ten different dresses to feel unique or different. Our wardrobe background consists of key and basic pieces that serve to contrast and complement with accessories and others. Are you ready for this adventure? Stay with me!


How to choose the ideal dress?


Vazz.Blog.How much does a dress cost in Mexico.Vazz The Brand.Long petals dressStarting from the beginning, choosing the right dress can be quite a tedious task. In this sense, we must know our strengths, and what goes hand in hand with the type of figure we have. Did you know this information?


That’s why today I come to show you some information to wear a dress correctly.


For this, we will start with the types of figures: rectangle, circle, triangle, inverted triangle, and hourglass. Do you know your type of figure?


Dress in the shape of a trapeze.


This dress hides a not-defined waist. In addition, it also stylizes the legs thanks to the width of its lower part. We don’t recommend this dress for broad-shouldered women.


At Vazz the Brand we have a similar and very flattering model. This is the Alita dress with a neckline at the back. It’s made of 100% linen and has details on the shoulders.


Ruffled dress.


Ideal for women who need volume in the hips. However, it isn’t recommended for women of short stature. From this garment, it must be taken into account that the larger its upper part, the wider the ruffle must be.


In our store, you will find a mini parallelogram dress with elastic at the waist and a beautiful rectangular neckline. This one also has buttons on the back and layers, made of 100% cotton.


Baby doll dress.


If you are small this is your ideal garment. It looks great with an apple, pear, and hourglass body. It isn’t recommended for women with a poorly defined waist because it can unbalance the figure.


How much does a dress cost in Mexico?, Straight dress.


This dress is perfect to hide the imperfections of the waist and hips. On the other hand, its plus is that it increases stature. The only detail is that it isn’t recommended for women who have too much bust.


Find the long parallelogram dress in our store! Made of 100% cotton and which you can use in two ways: with or without a neckline. It’s beautiful to wear with a crop top underneath if you leave it low-cut.


Fitted and loose dress.


Ideal for women with a straight figure, because it helps you generate that waist you need. So if your figure is an inverted triangle or rectangular, this is the perfect option.


What do you think of silk and the details? We have a perfect option for you in our store! Short or long, made of 100% silk and details made with the same fabric as petals. It will fit your silhouette perfectly.


How much does a women’s dress cost in Mexico?


Vazz.Blog.How much does a dress cost in Mexico.Vazz the brand. DressNow that you know how to choose the ideal dress for you, it’s also very important to know about the prices of sustainable stores in Mexico. Especially for those who think that the pocket is something we have to take care of. How do you choose your clothes?


You have to invest in quality garments. In this sense, lose your fear and buy slow fashion.


After all, in the long run, the pros are greater than the cons. It’s for this reason that at Vazz the Brand we have decided to offer you ideas of ethical and sustainable consumption to look incredible and at the same time love the planet. Do you want to know more? Take note of these marks!


Carla Fernandez.


Vazz.Blog.How much does a dress cost in Mexico.Carla Fernández.DressPrice: Dresses starting at USD 309.


Carla Fernández is a designer dedicated to preserving and revitalizing the textile legacy of indigenous and mestizo communities in Mexico.


The vision of her brand is to show that ethical fashion can be innovative, avant-garde, and progressive.


She adds unique touches to each work, making it original and precious.


Alejandra Raw.


Price: Dresses starting at USD 209.


She uses techniques that have been passed from generation to generation. In addition, she reuses existing materials and offers garments that seek to reduce waste. This, in turn, contributes to a lower environmental impact and collaborates with various communities


Always dress with a conscience.


How much does a dress cost?


Continuing with this line of Mexican designers, we also find many other artisans, designers, creatives, who have dedicated themselves to ethical consumption and whose life mission is to raise a message of conscience. Do you want to know some other brands in Mexico?


Vazz.Blog.How much does a dress cost in Mexico.Caralarga


Price: Dresses from USD 174.


He is inspired by nature and creates his art with raw and handcrafted materials of the highest quality, including textile waste.


They enhance each piece of fabric and give life to unique and spectacular garments.



Amor y Rosas


Price: Dresses between 3,300.00 Mexican pesos.


Thinking about slow fashion, they believe in sustainability and authenticity as the key to empowering communities and thus leading social change. They also give opportunities to capable women and preserve Mexican culture.


Vazz the Brand.


Vazz the brandPrice: Dresses between 1,800 Mexican pesos.


Last but not least, Vazz the Brand.


We were born thanks to Fabiola Vázquez, a Mexican, who found her passion through fashion.


We seek to impact the world with natural fabrics as a commitment to the environment.


How much does a dress cost in Mexico?


Vazz - woman wearing a green outfitSlow fashion is the best option to be better with the planet, with the animals, and with ourselves. Never doubt that, because fabrics that are not natural or ethically well treated can cause permanent damage to our skin.


These prices vary according to the type of fabric, originality, quality, and time invested, especially sustainability. Being durable over time guarantees it will be a long-term investment.


What is your favorite Vazz dress?

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