How much does a swimsuit cost in the US?

Vazz - How much does a swimsuit cost in the US

How much does a swimsuit cost in the US? It is perhaps one of the most sought-after questions this year in search engines. As women, finding the perfect swimsuit can be a difficult task for many, and for others not so much. Wearing the perfect swimsuit depends on several factors which you will find out today as well as their prices.


I don’t know what the swimsuits have that makes us look divine. But the truth is that they stylize our figure and offer us a wide variety of shapes, silhouettes, and patterns. They, in turn, allow us to reflect our personality and, although choosing is not an easy task, I will give you a hand so that you know how to choose it according to your budget.


How to choose a swimsuit?


Vazz - woman wearing a black swimsuitChoosing cannot always be governed by the latest trends in fashion.


Now we must think about sustainability and, above all, about caring for the planet.


That’s why we must take these tips into account before purchasing a swimsuit:





  • Choose your swimsuit according to your body type


Vazz - woman wearing a pink bikiniFor voluptuous women, we recommend using solid colors. In the upper part, a large cup with good support is the right option.


Now, if you are not so curvy, the bottom part you choose should have some detail to visually give the illusion of curves. For example, ruffle, belt, earrings… Those details that are in trend.


On the other hand, if you have a small bust, find those strapless swimsuits to fulfill the effect of gravity.


These are ideal for the feeling that there is something where it really isn’t. I call this: the magic of clothes!


  • Choose the swimsuit according to its colors


Vazz - woman wearing a black and orange swimsuitLike choosing by the type of silhouette, colors are very important when choosing a bikini or swimsuit.


Remember that not only black can favor you. There is more and it is something that must always be taken into account.


So, if you are curvy, the ideal swimsuit for you is a one-piece and one-tone. Here you can include black, but come on, I know you can use more colors.


However, forget about white, fluorescent, flowers, or giant prints. This will have the opposite effect.


  • Do not forget the accessories


Vazz - woman wearing a blue swimsuitWearing a bikini or a swimsuit doesn’t only have to be when you go to get into the sea or the pool. You can also take it on a hike or sit on the lounger with the sand and your best hat. Swimsuits, whatever their styles, will combine perfectly with a sarong, short skirts, or shorts.


The only thing you should take into account is that to look sexier, you should wear them open. A fashion trick? The contrast of the colors should be similar and not clash.


The hat, the wicker bag, and the sunglasses cannot be missing to carry a super-enviable outfit.


How amazing, right? That in addition to versatility, they can convey simplicity, security, and a lot of personality. As for the price, the important thing that we must always take into account is its quality so that it doesn’t fall apart.


How much does a swimsuit cost in the US?


Vazz - swimsuit cost in mexicoAll these tricks of the fashionista world are important when buying a bikini or swimsuit.


And I must confess that not only the type of swimsuit is important.


Our pocket would appreciate us having an idea of ​​what we must invest to find the perfect swimsuit.


Here I will leave you an idea of ​​several stores with ethical and sustainable swimsuit designs to look amazing.


Swimwear Spirit


Price: Swimsuits from $50 onwards …


Founded by Fer Espíritu, these designs are made by Mexican artisans and you can find all kinds of beachwear. The bikinis that you will find will be classic, with shapes, in uneven and ruffles.


With these bikinis, you will feel beautiful, sexy, and also very comfortable.


Myssos Swimwear


 Price: Swimsuits from $30 onwards …


Myssos was born in 2009 and its purpose is to provide the best quality swimwear, bikinis, and beachwear using the best materials and designs.


They seek to empower women. It is a brand to always keep in mind.


Dellaqua boutique


 Price: Bikinis and swimsuits from $125 onwards …


At Dellaqua you will find that they are always in trend. For this, they offer a wide variety of bikinis with incredible prints that stylize your figure and also provide you with comfort. Take a look at them and choose the most beautiful bikini for you.


Sweet Armenta


Price: from $100 onwards …


Dulce Armenta is a Mexican designer who, after working in the sportswear and denim industry, started her eponymous project in 2016. Her vision is slow-fashion, and that is why she creates only a collection a year. Its success is due to the creation of timeless garments capable of surviving trends. In addition, it encourages conscious consumption and local production.


Jaguar Swim House


Price: from $57 onwards …


Casa Jaguar is dedicated to making a difference. It is a company only for women who from Tulum come to help women and girls in need. In addition to caring for the planet through social responsibility and fair working conditions.




 Price: from $30 onwards …


This brand is Mexican and has its beginnings in 2016 by Fernanda Mimendi. Full of originality and independence, this brand seeks the balance between water and land. They are also inspired by Latinas. Not only that, but they promote environmental and social sustainability.


Vazz the brand


Price: from $30 onwards.


Vazz the brand was created by the Mexican Fabiola Vázquez Ordoñes. She has dabbled in fashion and, inspired by other designers, found her passion: to have a sustainable and 100% Mexican clothing store.


What’s your favorite store?


Vazz - woman wearing a blue bikiniThe prices of swimwear in the US vary according to presentation, design, and sustainability.


This is because as they are durable over time, the quality of the fabric is special, and in the end, it is a long-term investment. We want what you wear to be durable over time and that you feel happy to contribute to the earth.


At Vazz The Brand we are happy to share this knowledge with you. And we want to know your opinion about this new way of contributing to the planet. Comment below and follow us to stay up to date.

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