This is how you should combine your blue dress

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This is how you should combine your blue dress. Dresses are that garment that many, if not all, of us love and want to wear at any time of the year, at all times, and for every occasion. Whenever an event comes out, one goes straight to the dress. The good news is that it always works no matter what season you are in. This is as long as you know how to combine it properly. What do you love the most about this classic?


To tell the truth, it doesn’t matter the color and shape, but how you decide to adopt it. After all, in the end, it’s what we are all looking for, to look fabulous and in trend, right?


Therefore, at Vazz the Brand, we will show you some interesting combinations so that you always look great with your blue dress. And you may wonder why blue? Because this is one of the colors most worn by women. This is why we have a spectacular one in our store that you can visit by clicking here.


Our Alita dress is a mini cut, with a round neck and ruffles on the shoulders. Its open neckline will provide a very elegant style that can never go unnoticed. In addition, it’s a dress made from one hundred percent linen, which makes it a sustainable garment.


How to highlight a blue dress?


Vazz - womanBoth the dress and the color are considered a timeless classic. That is to say that with the passing of the years it’s transforming and becoming an elegant option that denotes seriousness and elegance.


First, I would like to reaffirm that as in all colors, we find different shades of blue. For this reason, you must pay attention to whether it’s light or dark. Once you are aware of this, you can easily choose accessories to enhance your look.


Highlighting this color is possible when we know what looks good for each shade. To begin with, I would like to tell you that blue, either in its light, sky, electric, king and navy tone, looks great with colors such as red, nude, pastel pink, black, white, yellow or metallic.


Now, the important thing isn’t only how you complement it, but the attitude with which you wear it. This dress is pure elegance, which will score you points by wearing it. In this way, you will feel like the queen of the world.


What accessories can you use with a navy-blue dress?


Vazz.Blog.This is how you should combine your blue dress.What accessories to put on a navy blue dressIt can be a bit tricky if you don’t get the hang of it quickly. A blue dress will look great with silver or gold accessories. These will also give you a lot of elegance. So don’t think twice when it comes to wearing sparkly accessories and fancy bracelets.


When it comes to bags, you can try a combination with animal print. For its part, you can wear stilettos, ankle boots, sandals or even white tennis shoes, believe me, you will look very good.


Now, if you want to get a more classic and simple combination, get a beige or nude similar to your skin tone. Although, if you want to attract attention, what do you think of neon? Fuchsia could be interesting.


Blue dress “Alita” with beige. 


This option will never fail. It’s perfect for sobriety and you can wear it in earrings, shoes and with a bag. Long necklaces will stand out, as will stilettos and handbags.


Blue dress “Alita” with the color red.

So daring that it makes me a little warm! With red, you won’t be able to go unnoticed. It’s the perfect combination for a blue dress. Wear them with heels and a handbag. You will look amazing!


Vazz - womanBlue dress “Alita” with white.


Get a very casual look by wearing an Alita blue dress with white sneakers. They are perfect for an afternoon out with friends or for a walk.


Dress “Alita” with brown boots. 


Brown is a color that goes well with everything. That’s why we recommend wearing it with brown boots or ankle boots with a low or high cane to be the queen of style.


Dress “Alita” with black accesories.


Just as brown goes with everything, so does black. Therefore, you can combine it perfectly with black shoes and accessories of the same color. You will look interesting and black won’t outshine your dress.


Vazz - womanDress “Alita” with a hat. 


How do you get along with hats? They are an interesting proposal to get out of your comfort zone and play at giving your dress a 180-degree turn. Want to try it?


Dress “Alita” with animal print.


A very trendy proposal, especially the leopard print. It’s eye-catching, goes very well, and it’s daring. It will give you seriousness to your outfit. Only for risk takers!


What should be the color of your bag?


Vazz - womanAs I mentioned before, blue works very well with many colors, as long as they complement each other. The wallets or bags that you can use to make the perfect match can be in nude colors, pale pink, gray, white, black, brown … even turquoise or neon colors if you are daring.


Indeed, this garment is perfect to wear with many things, it only depends on us how we perfect it in our daily outfits to always go one step ahead. Remember, also, that there are no longer any rules in this industry and that using our creativity is more than allowed.


In this sense, don’t be afraid to be yourself or to show how innovative you can be by wearing a blue dress with different accessories and playing with textures and styles.


This is how you should combine your blue dress


Vazz.Blog.This is how you should combine your blue dress.This is how you should combine your blue dressThere are so many interesting combinations! And there will be more once you get to create your own, because remember, how you combine it will depend one hundred percent on you! A blue dress is a very interesting, versatile, and quite timeless garment that will get you out of the ever-present question “what should I wear?”


At Vazz the Brand, we are happy to have made this piece with the utmost care and sustainability.


Today we bring it especially for you so you can enjoy it. Do you like all these combinations? Which one is your favorite?


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