This is how you should combine a dress with boots


This is how you should combine a dress with boots. Succeeding with your outfits every day of the week is possible. To achieve this, you can use accessories to become the protagonist of each season. Today I come to show you an interesting combination, especially for cold seasons. Keep reading and stay in tune with what’s current in the fashion world.


A dress is a garment that can effectively be used in the fall and winter. The secret lies in how you combine them. There is a great ally to elevate that daily look: boots. What if the dresses are made of sustainable materials? Better.


Boots are an almost essential accessory in our wardrobe. Currently, the key is that when wearing them they allow us versatility and that in turn merge classic and modern elements. With dresses they are beautiful!


How to use boots?


Vazz.Blog.This is how you should combine the dress with boots.How to wear bootsThe world of fashion has certain rules for wearing certain clothes. Although now all those rules are breaking down, others are maintained over time. These have to do with the correct use of the boots according to the width of the thigh, ankle, height, and complexion.


Mainly, if you have wide calves, the height of the boots should be platform and high heels, preferably below the knees. Never mid-calf. Now, if you have wide ankles, stockings will help you hide them.


Also, if you are tall and thin, the boot should be narrow or pointed, to harmonize your complexion. It doesn’t matter if they’re tall, medium, or ankle boots, everything will look great.


In this sense, if you’re short, we recommend high boots or socks of the same color. The important thing is to make sure they don’t look smaller, so opt for high boots and thin or medium heels. Finally, if you have thin legs, I recommend boots above the knee and in a different color from the dress.


Ah, I forgot. One thing to keep in mind is that the higher the boots, the shorter the dress you wear with them should be.


What kind of dress can I wear with boots?


Vazz - woman with a black dress - fashion tipsConsidered a fashion combo, there are several keys that we have to take into account when combining it. Succeed with these tricks that I assure you, will solve your outfits! Do you want to know more? Take note! I promise you that it will be fast, simple and attractive.


Many times, when we think of boots, we think of jeans because that is how it has been programmed forever. However, today I come to break those thought patterns and remind you that this combination is possible.


Let only one color stand out. 


It’s very important to know that you should choose only one predominant color of your dress and with that color, you can play with the accessories. Wear it with a turtleneck underneath, ankle boots, and your favorite bag. You will look very good!


In rock style for feminine looks. 


Vazz.Blog.This is how you should combine the dress with boots.In rock style for feminine looksWho said you could only wear Military Boots with pants?


Now you can combine your feminine dresses with military boots.


It will look very good on you.


It’s comfortable and with some accessories, you can lower the rudeness of them.


You will attract all eyes!


If you are looking for a total look, opt for prints.


Choose a completely black dress of the length you prefer to match a blazer with a super original cut combined with printed mid-calf boots. The print will make them look very striking. How is your relationship with the animal print?


Another secret: The contrast. 


Vazz.Blog Slow fashion and its impact on the world What does slow fashion mean_Think of a dress model for the evening, and combine it with some biker boots with a platform for the day.


Add an oversized denim jacket and prepare to be the center of attention wherever you go.


Ankle boots with a knitted dress. 


Knit dresses are flattering and very on-trend this season. Flat or with heels, it will give you a very successful look to complement your personality. What do you think of this combination?


How to wear high boots?


Some garments go well with certain types of footwear and that is a reality that we’re all aware of. In the case of dresses, combining them with high boots can make your legs look longer. You can also wear them with socks of the same color as the boots to make them look endless.


In the case of tall boots, it’s best if the dress is short or long, up to a little above the knee. Also, when choosing a dress, you can choose knitted, loose, or linen. Although, you can also find a riskier look with an oversized shirt that is very long, a blazer, and boots up to mid-thigh.


How to wear beige boots?


Vazz.Blog-That only one color stands outBeing a neutral and natural color, it will be perfect when looking for a more casual image.


It can give you a casual and simple look that with a dress would be impeccable.


At Vazz the Brand we offer a loose dress with petals and details sewn one by one like petals made with 100% silk that with beige boots would look very elegant.



How to combine clothes with black boots?


Vazz.Blog.This is how you should combine the dress with boots.How to wear beige bootsIn the case of dresses to combine with black boots, the ideal is to be loose and in a basic color or print.


The style of the boot does not matter, as long as you take into account the rules that I mentioned above so that you splurge style wherever you walk.


In our store, you can find a dress made of 100% linen with details on the shoulders, neckline and back in navy blue than with black boots.


What is the color of boots that goes with everything?


Technically classic and neutral colors go with everything. They are versatile and suitable for many, many occasions, or have you not worn black boots to work? I’m sure it is. It also makes you look elegant and depends on the dresses with which you combine them.


Dressing in boots and a dress is a very interesting combination that can enhance your figure and elevate your good taste when wearing an outfit. At Vazz the Brand of course we approve of it. What boots do you combine your dresses with?

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