How to combine a beautiful women’s suit


How to combine a beautiful women’s suit. How divine that after so long, we as women can break stereotypes, right? Every day, we revolutionize and evolve more. We love having that freedom to dress as we please, and little by little we will continue to make a difference.


Currently, the tailored suit has been the new “must-have”, thank you, Coco Chanel, for this reinvention. It’s a favorite among celebrities, fashionistas, street-style followers, and Instagrammers. Its versatility can solve your life for those days when you have no idea what to wear.


It’s for this reason that, at Vazz the Brand, we will tell you all about it. We will show you some combinations that will elevate your style from beautiful to incredibly eye-catching, the best? It won’t only be to go to the office because you can now wear it anywhere.


Do you want to know more about this garment? Take notes to discover the perfect combinations!


What is the tailor’s style?


Vazz.Blog.How to combine a woman_s suit.What is the tailor styleA tailor is a person who is in charge of making garments tailored to the choice of their clients. It’s made according to the measurements and preferences of the clients in an artisanal way, and it’s a trade that has been in existence for many years.


In this sense, the tailored style arises from this premise where the suits are made by hand.


Over the years, it has reinvented itself to such an extent that there is no end in sight. Today it has established itself in fashion for all genders. Do you like tailor suits?


How is a tailored suit?


Vazz - woman with a tailored suitFirst, I must explain that the tailored suit is a set consisting of a jacket or blazer. These are combined with a skirt or pants of the same fabric. Within their color palette, they have always been sober to communicate authority and respect.


They are also characterized by being handmade garments made of good fabric and managing the proportion according to the type of body. The blazer shouldn’t be too large or too small. On the other hand, the pants must be with the perfect hem, not too long.


In our store, you can find some blazer options that you can combine with pants of your choice. Or you can also choose the option of a formal bow tie, which is made of 20% silk and 80% cotton and is gray. This garment, together with the detail of the bow at the front, will give you a unique style with a romantic air that won’t go unnoticed.


How can women wear a suit jacket?


Vazz - woman with a gray jacketWoman’s suits are very beautiful. These fulfill the function of stylizing the figure and offer different combinations that give us the freedom to choose how and with what we want to combine it. However, we must take into account these basic rules to wear it with a lot of styles.


Take care of your shoulders.


You must choose the correct shoulder cut. After all, it will be the only part of the suit that the tailor won’t be able to fix. The important thing is that the top line should end a little before the shoulders, but not too tight.


Don’t go over the wrists


The suit should never go over the wrists, nor leave them too exposed. You can show a fringe of your shirt sleeve underneath for a more formal look.


Combine and contrast.


Dare to experiment and play with contrasts and colors. You can use shirts, polo shirts, and T-shirts to help highlight the color of the suit. You must play with your imagination and creativity so that you show your good taste.


How to combine a women’s suit?


Vazz.Blog.How to combine the women_s suit.How to combine the women_s suit_1We got to the best point! Look for pencil and paper to write down these gorgeous and stylish combinations that Vazz the Brand brings to you! I’m sure you will surprise everyone no matter where you are.


The checkered suit, How to combine a beautiful women’s suit


They are a trend and in this print, they have become a classic impossible to ignore. You can choose ankle-length pants and oxford shoes and a white buttoned shirt.


Total black look.


We should all bet on the total look! This style never leaves us, nor fails us on any occasion, especially in black. You can choose to wear it with a basic sleeveless shirt and well attached with mules and heels.


In bicolor.


Breaking stereotypes is allowed and if you’re risky this combination is perfect for you. Choose a two-piece set with different shades, but within the same color palette. For example beige and caramel work to make you feel unique.


Vazz - woman with a orange suitWith shorts and sneakers. 


Yes, the industry has evolved so much that we already find tailored suits with Bermuda shorts. This in turn gives us a very athleisure style. Matching with a crop top in a neutral color and your favorite sneakers will always make you look great.


Think leather, How to combine a beautiful women’s suit


Ecological leather is already very popular. If you want a very daring look, you can choose a suit of pants, shorts, or skirt combined with a sweater underneath and your favorite Swedes. I assure you that you are going to look spectacular.


Stockings and slippers.


Risky, casual, and very homey, perfect for those days when you have no idea what to wear. You can also combine it with your favorite white sneakers and stockings over leggings, which is very fashionable.


With military boots. 


With them, you are going to impose, nobody will be able to take their eyes off your look and you will also be the queen of good taste. These boots go great with a flowy suit and slightly baggy pants.


Oversize, How to combine a beautiful women’s suit


Vazz.Blog.How to combine the women_s suit.How to combine the women_s suit_2Give proportion to the pieces to avoid giving more volume to your figure. For this, you can wear an oversized rolled-up blazer or with high-waisted trousers that you can cinch with a belt at the waist.


What do you think of these combinations? Do they catch your attention?


At Vazz the Brand we approve the tailored style made with sustainable materials to bring an incredible look to your wardrobe while also taking care of the planet. Do you want to save the world? Join the slow-fashion world!

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