How to combine shorts and look fashionable

Vazz - Crop tops: The trend that will take over fall/winter 2021 - combine shorts

How to combine shorts and look fashionable. Many times in our life we have underestimated how much shorts can help us achieve a unique and amazing look. The truth is that I hope that starting today, you will get all those bad theories out of your head and focus on this article because I have come with everything to demolish those assumptions.


It is not only about shorts or classic Daisy Dukes, in fact, what is fashionable and you can not miss are the high-waisted shorts and straight cut or with pleats. This model is very flattering for short women, very tall women, and curvy women. However, there are some tricks that you should take into account when putting together sophisticated looks. 


You can think of luxurious textiles such as linen, crepe, or silk… And don’t forget lycra! All these fabrics can help you get an amazing, unique, and very fashionable outfit. 


How to wear denim shorts?


Wearing denim shorts can also help you look stylish, and the good news is that you can wear them any time of the year. Yes, sir! Denim is one of the most used fabrics in the fashion world, even to achieve an elegant and chic outfit. Here are some ideas to combine them.


Denim shorts for cold weather – Don’t let your aunt panic! Yes, you can wear them during cold seasons. Keep your legs warm, depending on the temperature, with veiled, translucent, opaque tights, high boots, or leggings. 


High-rise denim shorts. The high-waisted short also dominates the chic and cool when it comes to dressing. Keep in mind that if you want to show off the waist with a belt, and if you want an hourglass effect, the shorts should not be too long in the legs.


Denim skirt shorts. Yes, something like a skirt. These are denim pants with A-cut or princess cut. This type of short gives you a feminine and elegant figure. You can combine them with anything and you will look elegant and refined.


How to dress stylishly in shorts?


If you want to make your style sophisticated and elegant, I also have some other options to combine this garment and look like a fashionista. Take note!


Oh! First of all, I want to invite you to visit our online store and get some black “Alcion” shorts, which are also unisex. It is made one hundred percent in linen, which makes it sustainable and eco-friendly. It will fit perfectly on your figure without hurting your skin. What do you think?


Black shorts with a sweater. Black shorts are the best option to have as a basic garment in your closet. They are perfect to wear with style, and if you have a light sweater it will contribute to your freshness. 


Summer shorts. Pastel colors are in fashion. Therefore, you can wear it with sandals and high-rise shorts to complement with some basic blouses or t-shirts. 


Shorts with a blazer. This match is one of the most formal, especially if you wear it in oversize. You can add a belt to mark the waist so you don’t look wider. This style is very glamorous. 


Shorts with oversized sleeve tops. I know, it can be overwhelming if you don’t think it through. I invite you to combine it with a camel-colored high-rise short. With the right accessories, you will be the epitome of elegance.


High-waisted shorts. The higher the rise, the better, it’s the trend! Ideally, they should not be too small, so it is better that they reach mid-thigh so they don’t look bad. If you complement them with a shirt you will look very casual.


Lycra shorts. Don’t wrinkle your nose! Believe me when I tell you that these shorts are not only for the gym but for everyday wear. You can wear it in total look, with a crop top, t-shirts of your favorite band, or with a blazer for a more formal outfit.


How to wear white shorts for women?


Achieving a modern outfit is also possible, and if you complement it with white shorts, it will also provide versatility. Being a neutral tone, it is perfect to wear with prints and different and fun things. However, classic colors go well with navy blue, reds, and dark greens. 


Now, if you want a boho style, think flowers, multicolored stripes like turquoise, orange, pink or purple. If you want a more casual or urban touch, you can wear a cotton t-shirt in gray and black with a belt and tennis shoes. 


However, if you want something more formal, you can combine the white shorts with a fitted linen blazer and heels. Do you want some combinations? Take note!


White jean shorts. It is a classic summer white and can be short or Bermuda style. They look great with prints, basic t-shirts, or blouses. Ideal for casual and informal looks.


White linen shorts. Linen is a fresh and comfortable fabric. It will bring elegance and they are also very street style. Linen can give you casual or formal looks, depending on how you combine them.


White dress shorts. Dress shorts are elegant and also perfect for workdays or evenings out. You can combine them with a bodysuit or a basic t-shirt and add an overshirt and heels or a vest in the same white color. Also a knitted blouse.


White lace shorts. These shorts allow you to create elegant evening looks. However, you can also achieve casual outfits with basic garments such as a T-shirt with letters, or a sleeveless silk blouse. 


How do I dress in shorts?


The important thing is to think about balance and equilibrium, so you can also think about these other ideas.


Neutral and print. As I say, balance is the trick and you achieve it when you combine prints with a solid color, especially if it is neutral. If you choose a classic print short, wear a simple shirt.


Black and white. The boom of all booms. The contrast of black and white is something that will never fail in elegance. If your shorts are chic, you can opt for a basic tee.


Neutral and color. Top or bottom, the important thing is that if you wear the shorts in mustard color, you can combine them with a camel blouse. They are perfect for achieving balance.


And you, how would you combine your shorts to look fashionable? At Vazz the Brand, we hope these combinations will help you elevate your style from now on. 

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