This season’s newest toy: An oversize Blazer and how to wear them


This season’s newest toy: An oversized Blazer and how to wear them. What would you do without a blazer in your life? I’m sure you would worry too much and not know what else to wear for different occasions. In short, the blazer has become that master and desired garment this year. And if it is sustainable, much better.


In any shape, color, or pattern, a blazer can save your life in this and the coming seasons because of its versatility and comfort. For a few years, it has been proven by fashion experts that it can accompany you in all styles due to being multifaceted. So, today at Vazz the Brand, we will tell you all about it and how you can wear it this season.


It’s the perfect wild card for everyday outfits. Especially now when what we’re looking for is comfort when it comes to wearing a look. In addition, we are rescuing past inspirations for the present. Are you ready for this adventure of creativity and sustainability?


What is an oversize blazer?


Vazz - woman wearing a gray outfitAlso called large, maxi, XXL, an oversize blazer is that large cut outfit as if you ventured into your dad’s closet. They come with maxi, long shoulders, straight, wide, and double button silhouette.


They are so functional that they can give life to the suits or different outfits that you want to wear. We can find them with floral prints, unexpected colors, and something more classic such as squares or basic colors.


In this sense, fashion experts recommend wearing it without anything underneath, as a garment that hints or as a dress that exudes sensuality. It’s sophisticated, sustainable, and functional for stylish nights out.


In our store, you will find beauty in a classic blazer with open sleeves made of 80% wool and 20% silk material.


What are oversize garments?


Vazz - woman wearing a black outfitOversized garments are all those that translate into “very large”. We’re sure that while shopping, you have said something like “too big for me” when looking at some jeans or a shirt. This term has been widely used in this industry for many years and although there are some doubts about the meaning, I hope I have clarified it.


The oversize trend began in the 40s thanks to the liberation of silhouettes where women used shoulder pads. It’s a garment that makes you look as if you were wearing two sizes larger than what you wear, but it doesn’t mean that it is.


For example, a garment can be oversize because the trunk and armpits are larger than the sleeves, but when they are made, they are made to measure. Now, the key is to find that the trunk is neither too wide nor too long and that the sleeves don’t protrude from the cuffs, like the one in our store.


How to wear an oversize blazer?


Vazz.Blog.Oversize blazer, this is how to wear this season.How to wear an oversize blazerThere are many ways to combine this garment. However, today I bring seven combinations for you that can be functional and very elegant.


I want this magical garment to elevate your look by giving you volume where you have to add to transmit a lot of security.


Do you want to go down the street and feel that you eat the world with just one look wearing this powerful garment?


I want that for you too! So look for paper and pencil that with these tips you will be able to look spectacular and devastating.


Oversized blazer with jeans.


Vazz - woman wearing an white t-shirt and jeansWe all know that jeans are a garment that we all have in our wardrobe and that we can combine with everything.


I recommend wearing the Vazz Blazer with classic straight jeans to balance the volume.


On the other hand, wear a basic shirt underneath and your favorite boots.


You will look very feminine and elegant.


Oversized blazer with white pants. 


It is ideal for the summer because it is a neutral color. The oversize blazer will be the perfect complement to go out to eat with friends or an afternoon meal. If you use it with minimalist accessories, you will be able to capture everyone’s attention where you go.


Oversized blazer in a total look.


Perfect for more elegant occasions such as a night out or a work event. An oversize blazer can be worn in a total look with pants or skirts and heels. You will look incredibly precious. I recommend that you use the color in accessories or shoes to stand out.


Oversized blazer to go to work. 


Think tailored, linen pants, or sustainable materials. An oversize blazer with matching trousers will create a masculine, yet very chic look that is also functional to go to the office.


Oversized blazer for summer.


Vazz.Blog.Oversize blazer, this is how to wear this season.Oversize blazer for summerMany of us don’t even want to think about blazers when we are in hot weather.


Just thinking about it makes us sweat, right?


It’s for this reason that I want to get that out of your head to show you that this garment is ideal for any month of the year.


In fact, with Bermuda shorts or denim shorts, they are perfect.


Oversized blazer mixed with fabrics.


Metallic colors, different fabrics, shapes, prints, dare to wear this garment with different looks. Especially with metallic colors that are already very much in trend. I promise you that you will not regret it.


Oversize blazer to match with crop top or bra. 


Risky, feminine, interesting. Not to mention more! I assure you that you will transform your look from zero to one hundred. You can even wear the same bralette that you use as a crop top with a loose oversize blazer with a button fastened for more sensuality.


How to wear oversize garments?


Vazz - woman wearing a white outfitWhat I love most about the evolution of the fashion world is its low amount of rules to take into account when it comes to dressing. However, we continue to maintain some basics to balance our outfits without falling into the extravagant, exaggerated, or as if we just came out of a costume store.


Also, I invite you to combine fabrics, avoid being bright and flashy in what you wear oversize. Unless it is for a special occasion, and in this case, you should wear neutral tones underneath. Remember that we want proportion and that the whole look looks balanced. So, if you wear an oversize, try to make what you wear underneath a little tighter.


What do you think about this garment? At Vazz the Brand, we are happy to announce that we have it available in our store in navy blue. We take care of everything! Leave it in our sustainable hands.

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