Stay warm and stylish: Here’s how to wear dresses in winter

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Stay warm and stylish: Here’s how to wear dresses in winter. Guess what? You can wear a dress in winter! So, don’t forget them in the back of the closet at any time of the year. If you’re a fan of this particular garment and want help to use it in cold seasons, keep reading!


At Vazz the Brand, we bring the best collection of tips to wear this garment with great style and good vibes. After all, contrary to what many believe, it can be used when we have no idea what to wear. Even if there are low temperatures, we can carry it with elegance and comfort.


Would you wear a dress in winter? I recommend that you take out your black pantyhose and some other accessories that I will show you soon. These will be your best allies when you say yes to the garment. Ready? Take note!


How to wear a winter dress?


Vazz - woman wearing a gray dressIf you’re looking for comfort and elegance, the best way, in addition to the most common, is to wear them with dark black stockings. This way, your legs will look black and you will stylize your figure. You can also take it a little more transparent. However, make sure that the finish is matte or without any shine.


However, not all dresses are made in the same way. So if you have one that has no sleeves, never wear these stockings. Instead, wear layers of cotton staples like a fitted long-sleeved T-shirt in the same shade as the dress.


Also, you can combine it with ankle boots of the same tone as the stockings. Complement this outfit with coats or a biker jacket to give it a very chic touch. Do you want other options?


How do you wear a dress?


Vazz - woman wearing a blue dressWhat I like most about this garment is its timelessness. It also looks great with almost everything you use. Therefore, a good combination can help you look slim, professional, and very chic.


In addition to wearing it with black or colored stockings, there are other types of dress and combinations that you can play with from now on.


High neck dress.


The turtleneck is an elegant classic that will look great with anything. Choose a shift dress with a turtleneck and boots above the knee or just below to always steal looks.


Dressed under a sweater.


Have you thought about this option? I love this proposal because it makes you look very elegant and unique. You can wear your favorite summer dress with woolen or knit sweater over it. Combine with high boots and you will be perfect for an outing.


Vazz - woman wearing a red dressDressed in a coat.


Choose your favorite mini dress, some black tights, and add that warmth you need with a long coat. Elevate this outfit with high-heeled ankle boots.


Dress and capes, how to wear dresses in winter 


Don’t be afraid to add layers to your look. Especially in cold weather. Pair your dress with a blazer or leather jacket and a colorful scarf. The colors give a very special touch to any look.


Dressed in high boots.


Not only high-heeled but the length up to the knee or higher than it. It’s an interesting bet for the daring, who love to wear styles with success. If you’re very cold you can wear them with stockings the same color as the boots.


At Vazz the Brand we have in our store a wide variety of options in dresses that can look good with stockings, boots, or even tennis shoes. Whatever you prefer will look great in winter.


In addition, they are made of one hundred percent sustainable material, which makes them the perfect option to take care of your skin and the planet. Have you already checked our store?


How to wear a long dress in winter?


Vazz - woman wearing a black dress - how to wear dresses in winterContrary to short dresses, are you more of long dresses but you don’t want to be cold? At Vazz the Brand, we also bring these tips for you. Follow them!


A long dress is ideal to not be so cold since it covers you up to the ankles and gives you a very casual or party style. All you have to do is change accessories to get it. It’s a very easy-to-wear garment, as well as original to wear at any time of the year.


The interesting thing is that you don’t need to wear it with tights, only some leggings will be enough. When wearing a long dress, the legs won’t show, so they will always be a good option.


You can add a coat or short jacket in the color you want, as long as it’s basic. The important thing is choosing the ones easy to combine. Although, you can wear a short faux shearling jacket. Either option will make you look amazing!


Add to the shopping cart of our store any of our dresses made with eco-friendly materials, and add a grain of sand to the planet that needs it so much. It’s up to you to make a difference.


What to wear to stay warm with a long dress?


Vazz.Blog How to wear dresses in winter What to wear warm with a long dressIn winter, you can wear any type of coat or jacket to protect yourself from the cold.


Also, if you wear layers, much better, since you will be very in trend.


However, if with your look you want to achieve an almost perfect silhouette, I recommend that you opt for those that have a high notch point and that respect the dress underneath without impeding movement.


The blazer.


In our store, you will find various blazers that can be a perfect ally to wear with the dress. With them, you will have all the freedom to move.


The jacket, how to wear dresses in winter 


A jacket is also a great complement to your dresses. In this sense, if your dress is long, you can choose our pyramid jacket in white with open sleeves.


The coat. 


If you want to define your silhouette and look better than incredible, I recommend choosing a medium coat to wear with your favorite dress. If you visit our store, you can find our blueprint coat. With it, you will look beautiful!


How to wear dresses in winter


Vazz - woman wearing a pink dress - how to wear dresses in winterWhat do you think of wearing a dress in winter?


Too risky or is it a yes, I will try it?


At Vazz the Brand, we want to know your opinion and tell us how you will try it.


Follow us, tell us, join us in this sustainable trend, because saving the planet is in your hands.

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