Fashion world’s Fenix: Learn how to wear wide boot pants


Fashion world’s Fenix: Learn how to wear wide boot pants. The world of fashion surprises us every day. And, particularly, knowing that it is cyclical, surprises me much more. Technically, everything comes back. Especially now with those relaxed looks from the late sixties.


This sixties style has come to inspire us to look more relaxed, confident and to show the world that we have a body to show off. In this sense, the trajectory of these pants resurfaced thanks to the success of male pop bands.


Now, as we’ve seen them turn heads on some catwalks over the last few months, we at Vazz the Brand want to bring them to you with our best sustainable and elegant style. On this occasion, we offer Colibrí trousers in two colors: red and orange and in three sizes: S, M, and L.


What pants can you wear in 2021?


Vazz.Blog.The trend of wide boot pants.Which pants to wear 2021Catwalks have left us with a lot of trends in terms of beautiful pants that we cannot ignore.


In theory, the eighties and nineties wave set a standard in style, filling us with nostalgia and exquisite designs.


Within these trends, we find:



How do you wear bell-bottom pants?


Vazz.Blog.The trend of wide boot pants.Taking into account that each body is different, it must be considered that each one has a specific need. That is to say, what looks good to me won’t be the same for everyone. However, this is not to say that bell-bottom pants won’t fit only one type of woman.


In this sense, what’s important is to know how to combine them and find the balance between the garments that will stylize our figure and make us look more beautiful than we already are.


Generally, some tricks are taken into account when wearing this garment. Interested in knowing these tricks? Take note, let’s be fashionistas!


Narrow garments at the top. 


Vazz - woman with white blouse and pink pantsWide pants already give enough volume in the lower part of our body. It’s for this reason that the upper part must be tighter, in this way it will look balanced. So, opt for inside shirts, crop tops, bodysuits, and jackets that show your waist.


A look with a bodysuit, our wide boot pants, and sandals with a medium heel could give you a sensual and very sophisticated style., you could also combine it with a blazer or a jacket of your choice.


Another option is with a matching crop top. In our store, you will find several models made of the same fabric that will look spectacular with the high shoes of your choice.


If you have wide hips, opt for dark colors.


Vazz - woman with red pantsIf your hips are wide, it’s best to wear these pants in dark tones and stay away from prints, as they will create the opposite effect.


Play with colors, and if you wear flared pants, choose blouses tucked inside the pants to lengthen your figure.


Say YES to high shoes.


We don’t want you to go through life dragging the hem of your pants, so if you wear bell-bottom pants, you should always choose a high shoe to achieve a leg-lengthening effect.


There is a lot of variety of shoes that suit these pants and if you prefer low sandals, it will be up to you. However, the current trend is to wear them with high shoes.


How do you wear pants in 2021?


Vazz.Blog.The trend of wide boot pants_ how pants are worn in 2021It won’t only be in 2021, but also in 2022 that flared pants will become an obsession for everyone. Considered as protagonists, they will always be chosen to achieve an interesting and very chic outfit.


Wide boot pants have been a trend for some time and look great with whatever you decide to wear. As long as you get the balance necessary to be fashionable and always see yourself beautiful.


They look great with blazers, crop tops, bodies, or T-shirts close to the body and inside. What do you think? Do you like this model of pants? The option we have for you in our store is unique and original. You are going to love it!


What shoes should I wear with bell-bottomed pants?


Flared pants have come in very strongly, they say they will stay for a long time. In this sense, I come to help you together with Vazz the Brand to find the ideal shoes to wear these pants.


First, record this for yourself: High shoes. They are the best fit with this type of pants, and all those that I will mention below must have at least a little heel. In theory, experts would combine baggy pants like this:


Platform shoes.


This dynamic duo is perfect for a very seventies outfit full of good vibes. A platform shoe allows the bell of the boot to have some movement. It’s also super comfortable and stylizes your body figure.


Ankle boots.


It will give you a modern and very sensual style that will leave more than one drooling. Remember, always with a heel. These booty pants will make your legs look miles away. What do you think? Do you like ankle boots?


High wedge shoes.


Yes, tall, not flat. The taller it is, the better your pants will fit. Cork style, basic or glam, you will achieve a combination impossible not to notice. You will attract attention with each step! So much so that you will feel like a runway model.


Pointed court shoes. 


These shoes are perfect with wide-boot pants. You will be able to refine the look, very much like Victoria Beckham. They will fit so well that you will never want to take them off.


Stilettos or high sandals. 


As I said, the taller they are, the better you are going to look. In this sense, opt for stilettos or strappy sandals with thick, medium, or fine heels to show off.


The trend of wide boot pants


Vazz - woman with red pantsWhat do you think of these pants? Are they your favorites so far?


We at Vazz the Brand fully agree that these pants should be worn.


And if they can be eco-friendly, even better. It’s important to continue taking care of the planet with our outfits.


So, we can contribute our grain of sand to the world.

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