7 outfits you should wear if you are short

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7 outfits you should wear if you are short. Being short is a plus that we have to take advantage of. That is why there are several sayings to our honor such as “everything good comes in a small bottle.” And yes, it is true, just as there are advantages, we have certain disadvantages in the world of fashion.


However, this does not mean that it is impossible to dress or be fashionable. What we must take into account is that we have to investigate a little more and find those clothes that best suit our body type and height.


There are some key tips that I bring you together with Vazz the Brand. I’m sure they will help you create those incredible sustainable outfits for you who are short and don’t know how to dress or want to perfect your style. Are you less than 1.60? Keep reading that this article is for you.


What kind of clothes should I wear if I am short?


vazz.moda.sustentable, Long coat or gabardine.-03I’m sure these tricks are the ultimate way to help you dress well.


Plus, they’ll help make you look a little taller.


Because the trick is to stylize the figure through optical illusion, in addition to balance and harmony.


The shoes should lengthen the leg. 


Shoes should flatter you. For this reason, you must avoid ankle bracelet shoes or what cuts in that place, since they generate the opposite effect. Pointe shoes are ideal for you and make your legs infinite.


Outfits you should wear if you are short: Monochrome look.


A monochrome look is very flattering for short women. This is because it visually lengthens and stylizes our figure. Ideally, it should be very minimalist and with simple cuts.


Long coat or raincoat.


A coat will solve our height, yes sir. This helps to visually create a tall figure. Now, if it is oversize, try to adjust it to the waist and also leave some cleavage to lengthen the torso.


The waist always widened.


No matter what type of body you have, always try to widen your waist and you will thank me for how long your legs will be.


Always high-waisted pants.


Let’s forget about hip pants. That does not go with us! The trick is that the higher the rise of your pants, the longer your legs will be.




vazz.moda.sustable, Monochromatic Look.-02Above the knee, they help accentuate your waist and also hide the hips. For a short woman like you and me, it is an ideal option.




The idea is to lengthen and lengthen EVERYTHING we can. In this sense, the more we can lengthen the torso, the better. For example, a V-neck makes us look like long necks.


Show the ankles.


Those cropped pants are the secret to everything. No pants that have the hem dragging. So, make the cropped cut your best friend as a solution.


What clothes should I wear if I’m chubby and short?


Vazz - woman wearing a blue shirtWhat I like most about the world of fashion is that there is something for everyone. Nobody can be left out. And whoever feels that he is out, the solution is to learn to put together the outfits that suit you the most.


If in your case you are small and curvy there are certain tricks that you must take into account to achieve an ideal look.


First, try to wear asymmetrical dresses with high shoes. Also, always get high-waisted pants, skirts, or shorts. Besides, short-sleeved shirts or elbow length. Then another trouser cut that favors you is the cigar cut and your dresses that are always midi length.


What kind of shoes should I wear if I am short?


vazz.fashion.sustainable, The waist always widened.-04 - outfits you should wear if you are shortAlthough it may not seem like it, shoes play a very important role in completing our look.


It is for this reason that they are considered of utmost importance in our wardrobe. In this sense, if you are short, your shoes should be your best allies.


Which ones can you use? Pay attention to these options so you can decide which one will suit you!


Classic heels.


As I mentioned above, as long as they are pointed, they can lengthen your legs and make them appear even slimmer.


Ankle strap.


The perfect option for summer days. High sandals with an ankle strap are comfortable. Remember that the straps should not be wide.


Outfits you should wear if you are short: Ballerinas.


While they don’t give you height with a heel, the pointed design can help you change a bit. They will give you a relaxed appearance and the tip will fulfill the function of lengthening.


Long to the knee. They will help to lengthen the body as long as the thigh is exposed. The heel must be thin.


What kind of jeans should I wear if I’m short?


We all know that jeans are the basics that we never get rid of. After all, they are comfortable and versatile. In this sense, we must know which of them are very well with our body type


Opt for high-waisted jeans, the kind that marks and fixes the waist, flare type (flared), and culotte type. You can combine them with high boots or ankle boots or at least a little heel.


How to wear mom jeans if I’m short?


Vazz - woman wearing a white jacket - outfits you should wear if you are shortMom jeans have become my favorite pants. And it is that minions under 1.60 are perfect for us.


Now, the main thing is that the waist of the jean must always be visible. You can also combine it with tennis shoes, heels, or ankle boots to achieve the looks you want.


Likewise, you can combine it with short garments such as a crop top or lingerie top and expose some area of ​​the waist. Another option is to roll up the boot to shorten them to the ankle and add a blazer.


7 outfits you should wear if you are short


Vazz - woman wearing orange clothes - outfits you should wear if you are shortAt Vazz the Brand we put together some outfits that can help you get that incredible style taking into account your height.


Solid color jumpsuit. 


While the prints can be pretty and helpful, the jumpsuit for short women is not very flattering.


It is for this reason that it is recommended that you wear it in solid colors.


Outfit with a short jacket.


We know that oversize is the trend, however, you can think of a basic look with pastel pink pants and a white blouse. To this, you can add a baby blue short jacket.


Look with a crop top. 


Fun, daring, and for many, somewhat intimidating. Crop tops are an interesting option for women of short stature. They do not necessarily have to show the abdomen, you can wear it with high-waisted pants.


Choose ankle boots.


Getting the ideal height is very important to achieve the ideal style. It is for this reason that for short women, ankle boots are best. They will lengthen the figure. Wear them with pants, skirts or dresses. It works with everything.


Wrap dress. 


The long dress for petite women, they have to be in a wrap style (diagonal cut), and if they have a ribbon or belt that can be tied at the waist, much better. Combine it with sneakers or the footwear you prefer for the occasion.


Choose vertical stripes. 


Vertical stripes are the secret for short women. They lengthen the silhouette and stylize your body very well. So, you can opt for a total look together and stand out with an accessory of another color.


Outfits you should wear if you are short: Boho look


Being short allows us to wear clothes that perhaps many tall women are not allowed. To get a very Bohemian style, get mini shorts with floral prints, with a bodysuit and a kimono on it.


What do you think of these looks?

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