Slow fashion and its impact on the world

Vazz - Slow fashion and its impact on the world

Slow fashion and its impact on the world. Would you like to change the world?


Then you came to the ideal place. This philosophy, also called ecological fashion, slow fashion, or sustainable, encourages the responsible consumption of garments. It also seeks, in turn, to reverse the injustice that the fashion industry has reflected in its commercial activities.


Vazz - woman with a black bikiniTo learn more about this movement, slow fashion opens its doors in 2007. Here the designer and professor of sustainability Kate Fletcher could see the other side of fast fashion.


This lifestyle gained momentum in 2013, when a tragedy occurred in Rana Plaza, on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. On this occasion, employees were forced to go back to their machines.


The next day, the factory collapsed with them inside, causing more than 1,100 deaths and more than 2,000 wounded. As a consequence, we were able to notice the true price of the industry.


Did you know that it is the second pollutant on the planet? Awesome, right?! That makes us think about everything … And that leads us to answer the following questions that may be going through your head:


Why consume slow fashion?


Vazz - woman with pastel pink clothesConsuming slow fashion moves your way of thinking, doing, and consuming fashion. It makes you consume it consciously and being very intentional about it. It seeks to create awareness in the production processes and, in turn, ensure the quality of its products so that they are timeless and sustainable.


Now, you may ask yourself, what do you mean when we talk about slow fashion? The answer is simple: we mean the way we approach fashion. It is a way of thinking and conceiving fashion from a more conscious, ethical, and even respectful point of view. Here we begin to understand that it is not only about how we create or sell but the humane treatment of workers, the work environment, and consumers.


Talking about sustainable fashion is talking about the future.


What is slow fashion?


Vazz.Blog Slow fashion and its impact on the world What does slow fashion mean_In short, I love this topic, because I believe that everyone, at some point, has wanted to do something for the planet. Maybe we are part of a charity as a volunteer, or maybe we donate to a social cause. However, it may also be the case that you haven’t done any of this but want to do it.


Slow fashion is synonymous with naturalness, recycling, comfort, respect for the environment and people. It is ethical and the counterpart of fast fashion that looks for fast clothes and changes trends every month.


We at Vazz the brand seek with our garments to show that they can be beautiful and sustainable. We want to impact your life positively and make you keep those garments that can be durable over time.


The difference between fast and slow fashion


In the case of fast fashion, it’s a vicious circle that consists of buying and throwing away clothing. This is repeated over, and over, and over again. As a consequence, it becomes the second most polluting industry.


Its premise is that a garment has only seven uses. Besides, this industry does everything possible to create garments quickly and in large volumes. All this at the cost of good business practices. Now, is a garment worn only seven times? The answer is yes.


Factories are responsible for producing cheaply and in large quantities, consuming a huge and worrying number of resources. Therefore, they generate waste that they simply get rid of. In addition, it is temporary: when buying poor quality clothing, it degrades faster, forcing the customer to throw it away and buy more. Lastly, their low prices are just a product of unfair working conditions for those who make them.


What does this mean?


Many work hours at a very low price.


On the other hand, slow fashion or ecological fashion seeks a fair exchange for all those parties involved and promotes labor benefits. It focuses on the fact that there will be a greater awareness in people, there will be for the environment.


These garments are manufactured with superior quality standards and are more exclusive …


And I can already hear your question: are you telling me that the probability that someone wears the same thing as me is low? Well, yes, just that.


Why is fast fashion bad?


Vazz - woman exercising by the poolWe talk about pollution. Fast fashion is more polluting and brings negative costs to the planet.


However, it is a strategy implemented in the fashion sector for so many years that it’s difficult to change the bad habit. (It is hard, but not impossible).


Their motivation is the “micro-seasons”, an idea that is related to the ability of big brands to interpret trends quickly. Based on the economy, to obtain results that meet demands.


How to support slow fashion?


There’s a Spanish page called Captain Denim with ten commandments to support this movement. I loved them so much that I want to share them:


Vazz - woman wearing black clothes

  1. Support local and fair trade.
  2. Go against fast fashion and don’t succumb to fast-changing trends.
  3. Opt for brands that prioritize quality over quantity.
  4. Recycle and use second-hand clothing.
  5. Consume clothing made from sustainable materials.
  6. Research the origin of the products of the clothes you buy.
  7. Value ​​the transparency of brands, as well as their working conditions.
  8. Change shopping habits.
  9. Buy less but of higher quality.
  10. Think of benefits for the planet and your health.


What brands are slow fashion?


Today, there are many sustainable fashion brands, which means that it’s here to stay. That’s why I will leave you some organic and ecological clothing brands that can mark your life forever.




From the beginning, they clearly knew the values ​​they would have. Its name is due to the Hemlock trees, a majestic species that can live up to a thousand years and reach fifty meters in height.


Love & Roses


 An ethical fashion brand that combines modern designs with traditional Mexican touches through its embroidery. They express culture and trends.


Vazz the brand


Through our brand, we try to positively impact the world. Our garments are made with different natural and organic fabrics as a commitment to the environment. Our Mexican textile designers have the freedom to work with fabrics that we carefully select for our clients.


We seek to contribute to mother earth, and for this reason, we make a careful effort to work with each garment so that they find the ideal style in it.

How to identify sustainable fashion?


Vazz - woman wearing red clothes - slow fashionWhen you get clothes made locally and by hand, in other words, natural fibers over synthetic ones. You will be able to identify them if you know who made the garment, hours, and working conditions, as well as if it is naturally dyed. You will also know if it works with sustainable workshops or factories.


Did you like the information? At Vazz the brand, we want to know if you are happy with our items and we want to get to know you a little more. What do you think of sustainable clothing? Do you feel ready to change the world?

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