5 styles of blouses to look slimmer


5 styles of blouses to look slimmer. Looking good is what every woman wants to achieve when leaving home, even being in it. It’s for this reason that you must pay attention to certain details when dressing.


In the world of fashion, it’s these details that dominate our appearance and visually help us achieve certain goals. For example, highlighting some parts that we like, as well as hiding what we dislike, such as those rolls on the back or belly.


Now, this can be done with clothing. In fact, blouses are our best allies to stylize our figure in the best way. At Vazz the Brand, we will talk about seven types of blouses that will make you look slimmer without going to the gym or dieting. Amazing, right?


What makes you look slimmer?


Vazz -woman wearing a black blouseStarting from the theory that we must dress according to our body type and not by our size, many doubts can be clarified. Because yes, it’s time for you to get out of your head that there are garments exclusively made for thin people.


We know that many brands or designers make the “fits all size” for slimmer and not so extravagant bodies. However, you have to see the positive side and accept that little by little, more brands have joined this ship of acceptance for all bodies.


Now, what helps you look slimmer? Simple, in addition to blouses, point out these tricks that will help you see the panorama from another perspective.


Yes, it sounds a bit cliché, but we can start from the inside out. And no, I’m not talking about the inner voice, but about lingerie. You must invest in a bra that truly meets your bust size requirements. This will make a difference.


Take care of your proportions.


Vazz -woman wearing a blue blouse

Not all of us have a harmonic silhouette.


In fact, no one is completely symmetrical.


After all, we are all different from each other, even though we have certain similarities.


It’s for this reason that we must always take into account dressing respecting your body.


If you wear tight garments at the bottom, wear looser at the top and vice versa.




Vazz -woman wearing a pink blouseI call it monocrochic because it really is an option that can get us all out of trouble. Dressing in one color helps us feel safe because it will never be a mistake.


Use three colors… and to your advantage. 


In another sense, if you don’t like monochromes you can dress in three colors, out of which two must be neutral.


For example, black, white, and prints. As for color, use strong tones to your advantage by using dark tones in the widest areas.


What colors make you look slimmer?


We have to give more credit to colors. They determine many things. Especially what looks good on us. To take advantage of them, we have to take into account our skin tone. Colors are wonderful and we can use them to our advantage to create the desired optical effect.


There are certain tips that we can take into account when dressing. And at Vazz the Brand, we have chosen a few that can help you:


Avoid too many pockets.


Pockets increase the volume, they don’t generate the opposite effect. That’s why if you want to feel slimmer, choose jeans without seams, pockets, pleats, and rips that stick in the wrong places. The best is smooth.


Vazz -woman wearing a black blouse + blouses to look slimmer

Don’t give up black. 


Even if you want to dress in color, keep in mind that you can combine them with black. After all, it will be the garment that helps you as a neutral to hide those areas that you want to hide.


Always long skirts.


If someone tells you that women with curves and extra pounds can’t wear skirts, ignore them. In fact, long and maxi skirts can help you look slimmer. The only thing to consider is that you should stay away from prints, tables, and ruffles.


Nude shoes.


Nude colors go very well with everything, and they’re almost the closest to the natural color of our skin. The good thing about this tone is that they harmonize your silhouette and stylize it instantly.


What kind of blouses should you buy?


Vazz.Blog 5 styles of blouses to look slimmer What kind of blousesLooking slimmer is possible and I want to show you some ideas for you to wear the best blouses. These will help you stylize your silhouette and feel like Victoria’s Secret model. Do you want to know what these blouses are? Don’t go, keep reading!


V-neck blouses.


I understood that these blouses flatter almost all body types, and that’s why it’s important to have them on hand. This type of collar will make you look slimmer, and you can also choose several styles. This way, you can use them to go out to work, with friends or to look beautiful to yourself. Dare yourself!


Vertical stripes 


I hope you always take them into account, vertical and in some cases diagonal, but never horizontal. These straight lines will make you look much slimmer and help you hide whatever you want.


Fitted at the waist, styles of blouses to look slimmer


Blouses fitted at the waist help us to fix and maintain. They also help you hide the nasty chubby ones. Another option is to choose thin belts, zero to choose the thick ones, so as not to increase the volume.


Princess cut. 


Princess cut blouses help you look slimmer because they bring out your figure. It also hides the belly when it’s bloated. What do you think of this cut?


Three-quarter sleeves. 


If you want to hide your arms, but are too hot to wear a long-sleeved top, always choose a three-quarter top. It hides the chubby roll in there and depending on the fabric, it will help you with the heat. What kind of blouse would you wear?


What lines make you look slimmer?


Vazz -woman wearing a light blue blouse - blouses to look slimmerIt’s practically scientifically proven that vertical lines make us look thinner. They adjust to our silhouette and don’t widen it.


That’s why you can play with them and use them in those areas that you want to highlight. It’s best to play with neutral tones to contrast.


Do you already know how to dress to look slimmer? At Vazz the Brand, we have many tops that can help you get the job done.


I recommend that you stop by our store and add to the cart everything you want and like to help you. In addition, our garments are made of sustainable materials. What are you waiting for?

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