Sustainable fashion: a need or a trend?

Vazz - Sustainable fashion: a need or a trend?

Sustainable fashion: a need or a trend? We are in times of necessary changes for humanity, and the planet it’s part of it. We know for a fact that many things have happened in recent years … fires, landslides, COVID-19 … 2020, ha! And all this somehow transformed our way of living, working and our way of thinking.


Inside us, we have always wanted to do something beautiful and good for humanity and the earth. This is why we make donations, or we are part of different movements that promote positive things. This prompted us to lose our fear as to what we like, allow, and what we don’t.


On the other hand, the fashion industry has regenerated as far as consumer consciousness is concerned. As a result, brands now feel the need to join in on the change. However, this makes us wonder, is eco-fashion a necessity or a trend?


What does sustainability mean in the fashion world?

Vazz.Blog.Sustainability in fashion-What does sustainability mean in fashionThere is no fixed concept that defines sustainability in fashion, except for the approach to sourcing, manufacturing, and designing clothing that benefits society and the world.


It is almost like an ideology that came to revolutionize people’s minds. Besides, it helps us to be more aware of the damage caused by being part of fast fashion. And yes, I know that getting rid of that one is complicated because we find beautiful things at very good prices. However, we must think, at what cost?


I want you to be left with the thought of wanting to be part of the change when you finish reading this article. This way, the next time you decide to buy something, you will choose something of organic quality. Take it as a challenge, do you accept it?


In our store, you can find a nice variety of outfits that may be to your liking. So, I hope that when you finish here, you will stop there.


Why is sustainable fashion a trend?


It’s a fashion trend because we can see how people feel and are more motivated to support brands that do good, that are capable of helping the planet and animals.


The brands that live under this premise are those that are fully trained to be the change that the world needs. All this even if they meet a little more resistance from consumers.


We want quality garments that are timeless and that we do not feel afraid or ashamed of repeating. For its part, we also want clothes that are ethically made, with quality, and taking care of the planet as much as we can.


Is sustainable fashion more than just a trend?


Vazz.Blog.Sustainability in fashionIs sustainable fashion more than just a trendWe can then notice that more than a trend, which it is, it is a necessity. This is because we want their concept and premises to go beyond the simple act of making clothes in large quantities.


With this movement, we seek ethical and fair productions with the utmost respect for the mother earth who cares for us so much, and values ​​us.


For their part, different governments have joined in supporting this cause and have taken active measures to support this change. Countries like the United Kingdom implemented the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan to minimize the environmental impact of clothing.


How can you be sustainable in fashion?


Vazz - woman wearing black clothesWhile it can be a bit overwhelming having to think about creating a closet from scratch. Besides, the fact of stopping using the brands we’re used to scares us a bit. And not to mention how you will have to spend a little more than you would like.


But wait a minute, don’t be discouraged! I know your concerns are very valid. However, to generate change in the world, you have to do it little by little. For this, I will give you some tips on how to start creating your sustainable wardrobe.


The thirty-wear test: Every time you buy something, think, will I wear it at least 30 times? If the answer is yes, buy it.

Stay informed: If you don’t know where to buy, research some brands in your country. Vazz the brand is a safe option, I guarantee it.

Invest in trans-seasonal clothing: Buying items that you know will work for you throughout the year and for all seasons.

Donate the clothes you no longer want to wear: What you no longer like or don’t fit, don’t throw it away. Instead of taking it to landfills, donate it to whomever you think likes and needs it. You can apply an interesting rule: I buy something, I donate something.


How does sustainable fashion help our planet?


There are several points that I would like to make you aware of. Keep reading to know more:


Preserve animal life


Vazz - woman by a swimming poolIt is no secret to anyone that the fashion industry is guilty of the death of animals for the production of leather and sometimes furs. In fact, the leather industry is the main responsible for the death of more than 430 million animals each year, according to the Girotti shoe portal.


Don’t you feel like Cruella de Vil? I do!


This is why the sustainable industry has created substitutes. For example, vegetable skins, for the production of leather and skins. In this way, it commits to protecting them, thus reducing its negative impact.


Preserve natural resources

Vazz - woman with a green dressMass production is what we want to fight against. In this industry, the number of materials that can be recycled is small, since they all end up in garbage dumps.


Therefore, they use a huge and read well, huge number of new resources that subtract natural life.


In contrast, eco-fashion focuses on recycled fibers that prove to be friendlier for consumption and care for the planet, thus reducing pressure. Besides, the recycling and reuse of old fibers solve the problem of waste management and in turn its negative effects.


Reduce your carbon footprint


The fast fashion industry releases a large and dangerous amount of greenhouse gases. After all, it uses fossil fuels and petroleum-derived materials, affecting the environment with the absurd amount of energy they need to process. The result? Global warming.


On the other hand, sustainable fashion gets rid of these problems with the use of recycled and natural fiber materials. These emit less harmful gases since they require less production energy.


Now, it is obvious that sustainable fashion must be the future. What do you think?


Why is sustainable fashion so important?


Vazz.Blog.Sustainability in Fashion-Why Sustainable Fashion MattersIn addition to everything you have already read, it will be very beneficial for local production. You will open doors to opportunities for all local artisans. It will also boost the economy and the planet will be happier.


Now, did I convince you to make the change in your life?


At Vazz the brand, we want to know more about you and what you think about this new and greener world.


Follow us and tell us here what you think about this new trend that is more than necessary.

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