7 trending swimsuits for the summer of 2021


7 trending swimsuits for the summer of 2021. Do you want to become the queen of the beach, of a pool party, or be the star of that dream photo session under the sun? Then you came to the right place.


Summer is here and with it comes the heat, the shining sun and the desire to take off some clothes that drive us crazy at this time. Doesn’t it happen to you that when the temperatures start to rise, what you want is to take a dip in a pool? That’s me!


So, if we are going to do it, we must know the latest trends of swimsuits for this season. And if within these new trends we can find sustainable pieces and take care of the planet, even better.


What are the most fashionable swimsuits this 2021?


Vazz.Blog 7 trends in swimsuits for the summer of 2021 What are the fashionable swimsuits this 2021Not only are bikinis with figures in fashion. In fact, one-piece swimsuits come to us with incredible cuts, shapes, underwire and prints.


This year we’re willing to change our perspective, to get excited about the new, and also to change our consciousness regarding the materials of what we buy.  


Keep reading to find seven trends that will be very fashionable this summer and contribute a grain of sand with mother earth.



  • Ruffles and floral prints are the most anticipated, even in swimsuits


We already know that ruffles are the latest trend in fashion and that we find them in blouses of different cuts, skirts, jackets, skirts and even in coats. It is for this reason that ruffles in swimsuits are an obvious option. 


After all, they will make you look romantic and very chic. For its part, floral prints also enter this look. A swimsuit with ruffles and flowers? I’m crazy about those! This way you will be super fashionable.


  • Monochrome one-piece swimsuits and chunky straps


Vazz - woman wearing a solid color one piece swimsuitsThere are several of us who love one-piece complete swimsuits. In addition to providing us with comfort, they give us a beautiful silhouette and bring a lot of strength and attitude to the beach look. You can also combine them with capes and sarongs, skirts and shorts with nothing more than a hat and your wicker bag.


In this category, what’s everyone’s lips are vibrant and sensual colors. Within them, we can find yellow, red and orange as the ones that stand out the most. In addition, these colors will give you security. Another important tip for these swimsuits is that the most IN are those with thick straps.


In our store, you can find a spectacular swimsuit made with sustainable materials.


  • Hello-style swimsuits. Very retro


Not everyone likes extravagant ruffles. Many are of more discreet styles. So, if you want to be in trend, but your style is less risky and you bet more on the discreet, I have the solution for you. Take a look at: the retro wave swimwear.


These are swimsuits with little ruffles that wrinkle and form strange, yet adorable textures. This is a pretty eye-catching and pretty option to wear on a hot beach day.


  • The deep V-neckline is the ideal ally for heat waves


Vazz - woman wearing a bikini with a deep V

The beauty of complete swimsuits is, as I mentioned above, that they manage to stylize your figure in a quite beautiful way.


In addition, its shapes are a plus, such as their V necklines.


Besides, these leave space to complement your beach outfit with large accessories, or in fun and strange shapes.



  • Layers, layers and more layers, swimsuits on top of each other.


Also known as “layering“, this could put an incredible twist on your beach look if you apply it to your swimsuit. But how? Easy, if you have three monochromatic swimsuits whose colors are similar, wear them together! One over the other. As I said, the secret is in the color palette you use and that the colors don’t collide with each other to create harmony.


Want to try it? It is also very good to get into upcycling fashion. After all, this works with all those swimsuits we have in store.


  • One shoulder swimsuit


It is time to play with details to show our silhouette without shame. We are beautiful just as we are. And as in clothing, swimsuits have also adapted trends so as not to be left behind. For this season the one-shoulder came to show us a girly and chic side.


  • One-piece swimsuits with keyhole cutouts.


In addition to side cutouts, they also exist with keyholes. It’s a pretty subtle detail that elevates the design almost immediately. In addition, this piece will favor visual details that will make you stand out no matter where you are. With this garment, you can play with the bottom with sarongs or denim shorts. Don’t forget the sunscreen!


What color swimsuit is most flattering?


Vazz.Blog 7 trends in swimsuits for the summer of 2021. What color swimsuit is most flatteringI want to invite you to live this summer with everything. More intensely than ever, because you deserve it. And to achieve this, I am going to show you which colors you can use to live incredible and unique experiences.


2021 came with a particular color palette. On the catwalks, the palette of pastel and quite dynamic colors has predominated, which provide movement and inspiration. However, in the wave of swimsuits, the most starring will be metallic colors.


Metallic colors are here to stay and I hope you remember me when you go to buy yours or when you see them on the counters. These metallic colors reflect the sunlight and take us back to that disco wave. In turn, you will also find vibrant colors such as yellow, fuchsia, purple, blue and green.


And you know what? You can play to combine them with basic colors like black and white. The ideal is to reflect the good energy and allow us to enjoy the sand, the sun and the blue sea.


In our store you will find some beautiful combinations that, in addition to sustainability, will add beauty and style to your figure.

Are high-waisted bikinis still in fashion?


Vazz - woman wearing a high waisted bikiniHigh-waisted bikinis can also be considered as a swimsuit.


This, if you combine it very well and also depending on how high the waist of the top is.


In the case of not being very tall, you can combine it with a long top, like a shirt. This will allow it to visually look like a swimsuit and be quite original.


So yes, they are still very fashionable, even if many brands think the opposite. They are still functional when it comes to using them on your summer vacations.


Vazz - woman wearing a high waisted bikiniFinally, we want to thank you for reading this article and supporting us as a sustainable brand.


At Vazz the Brand we want to bet on you and invite you to be part of that small, but important change that we want for the world with sustainable clothing. Remember that we can change one garment at a time.


Do you already have your sustainable swimsuit? Which of these trends is your favorite?

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