Crop tops: The trend that will take over fall/winter 2021

Vazz - Crop tops: The trend that will take over fall/winter 2021 - combine shorts

Crop tops: The trend that will take over fall/winter 2021. Today, I have come from the future with a very important mission: to show you that crop tops are a trendy garment. After all, thanks to its versatility, it brings sensuality and could become an interesting ally for any time of the year. Even in cold times? The answer is yes, even for the cold.


Crop tops, also called short t-shirts, have been with us since the 60s and 70s. However, they gained popularity in the late 90s and early 2000s. Nonetheless, it was in 2019 when their popularity curve rose to not go down. We see these garments everywhere, and the best thing is that they go with everything.


Thanks to street style, we have seen fashion, styles, and trends that come and go. In this sense, it’s time for all of us to shout in unison, “crop tops are here to stay.” After all, we know they will be here for a few more long seasons.


We at Vazz the Brand have some that might be to your liking. These were made of 100% linen and will look great with the garment you want. Do you want to know more about this garment? Keep reading.


What is a crop top in fashion?


Crop tops are a trend that has gone viral in the fashion world for their sensuality, attractiveness, and versatility. In addition, it gives you a youthful look that with skirts or pants will always look great regardless of its material.


What is a crop top?


Vazz - woman wearing a black crop topA crop top is a star garment of this season (and the following) that stole the show without notifying us. It came to invite us to show off our navel, or part of our abdomen. Besides, it also encourages us to get out of our comfort zone to show ourselves.


Several types of crop tops adapt to you and your style that will continue to attract everyone’s attention. Do you want to know which ones? Wait for a little, I’m doing a few sit-ups to start!


Classic crop top. 


A crop top leaves your abdomen in view, but you can also choose its length. That is, you decide if you only show belly, navel, or higher. It depends on you and what you like. You can choose between colors, fabrics, prints, or patterns.


On the other hand, you can choose between neutral colors and combined them with shirts, vests, and blazers to get more elegance to your look. You can also opt for a total look with a skirt, pants, or shorts of the same fabric.


Lingerie crop top.


This will be a very strong trend for winter days. Yes, you read that right, winter. You can choose fine lace fabrics for a perfect evening outfit. They look beautiful with pants or tube skirts… Also tailored skirts.


Crop top with sleeves.


Preferably bulky, lantern type, 3/4 cut, or French to be more in trend. This type of crop top looks great with everything and can give you a bucolic, romantic, or country look when they’re printed.


A crop top to show off the shoulders


Vazz - woman wearing a black crop topIn addition to the abdomen, you can also show off your shoulders. Who said fear?


However, to make this design even more flattering, you can choose a more minimalist style with prints, embroidery, or draping combined with neutral-colored pants or jeans.


Crop tops with strips. 


Of our favorites and most chosen in the store (after reading, visit our profile to buy yours). They’re very flattering because they enhance the bust and highlight your figure. They tend to be protagonists because of their flashy strips. You can choose to play in pants or shorts, even sports, they will look great.


Why wear crop tops?


Vazz Sustainable fashion Blog These are the crop tops that are in trend Why wear crop topsWearing crop tops greatly favors your figure, especially if you’re slim. This is because it will help to show your abdomen in a streamlined way.


It also enhances your femininity and freedom. This garment is very versatile and adaptable to any occasion. In theory, experts already consider it as a basic that you need to have as a wardrobe.


You can use it because it allows you to play with various types of styles ranging from casual to elegant, romantic, rocker, or monochrome. On the other hand, you can wear it at any time of the year, from spring to winter.


How to wear crop tops if I have a belly?


Vazz Sustainable fashion Blog These are the crop tops that are in trend How to wear crop tops if I have a tummyMany times we feel fearful to show our belly, and today I have come from the future to warn you that you can use this garment no matter what body you have. I want to encourage you to put aside the complexes to fill your wardrobe with style and reinforce the confidence that you must have in yourself.


If you have a belly, the idea is to use any crop top that you like and complement it with pants, shorts, skirts, or high-waisted jeans. This way, you will achieve visual harmony and balance. Now, wear it with or without a blazer, jacket, bomber, or whatever you like best.


What to wear with a crop top?


Vazz - woman wearing a black outfitThe trend has revealed that we can wear it in neutral tones, prints, or structures. Everything is allowed.


And when I say everything, it’s everything, including metallics and a turtleneck for those cold days. Complement the looks with draped skirts, pleated pants, knit skirts, midi denim or patterned shorts, joggers, or sarongs.


Whether in combination with neutral colors or a total look, the crop top you choose will look good with anything.


How to wear a crop top correctly?


The ideal is to think in balance. So if it’s too short, wear it with high-waisted garments. Although, you can opt for the star combinations inspired by Athleisure and opt for the crop top with volume and wear the bottom part fitted.


Now, if you’re looking for something more casual, you can choose a high-waisted skirt inspired by the boho style.


If you want a more work look, combine it with a linen suit and a knitted crop top to generate personality for your look.


What is the difference between tops and crop tops?

Sometimes we can get confused and think that they’re the same. However, we can say that they’re cousins. This is because its main difference is that the type of cut in a crop top is above the navel line. It doesn’t have rings or triangular shapes in its structure and design. So the crop top makes it sexier than the top.

These are the crop tops that are in trend


Vazz - woman wearing a red outfitWhat do you think about crop tops? At Vazz the Brand, we want to give you some other tips for you to take into account when choosing this garment for your outfit:


If you’re short, it will favor you if you wear them with high-cut garments, because it will create the optical illusion of having longer legs. Second, you should keep in mind that the secret of this particular garment is to create balance and balance, so play with your loose-fitting garments.


Do you dare to show your belly button or your belly?

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