Discover the trends of women’s fashion, 2021

Vazz - Discover the trends of women's fashion, 2021

Discover the trends of women’s fashion, 2021. It’s the season to shine! You have the opportunity to do it through the different trends that 2021 brought with it. There is a lot and for all tastes. The best? In addition to all these options, it also brought the freedom of being able to choose how we want to dress.


Now, the important thing is to express ourselves through what we use and have the power to choose what is functional for us. Therefore, now we must go beyond trends and catwalks, which have gradually joined this movement.


Besides, what women want indeed is to feel good about themselves and shine without feeling that they don’t belong.


Now we can look good and be fashionable with sustainable clothing and at the same time contribute to the care of the planet, which is already scolding us for being careless.


How is the fashion of 2021?


Vazz.Blog. Discover the trends of women_s fashion 2021. How is fashion in 2021For the last months of this year, fashion is practically at its best. However, we must be careful in the way we choose the garments.


After all, the idea is to always add to our outfit and not subtract personality.


So, we can choose combinations that suit the rest of the year and make us feel very up to date.


What garments? Keep reading and I’ll explain them to you shortly.


Bralettes as tops. 


In different catwalks, we could see the bralette as the protagonist. Today, we can say that it’s a favorite. This garment is more than ready to be part of our summer styles.


There are stylists, like the Italian Alberta Ferreti, who invite us to incorporate them into matching models with jackets, shorts, dresses in transparencies, and miniskirts. Anyway, whatever you choose to wear, always remember to make the garment stand out.


Jumpsuits, trends of women’s fashion.


Vazz.Blog. Discover the trends of women_s fashion 2021.I am particularly a fan of this garment. Since last year, many ruled that the one-piece would be one of the most versatile garments of the 2021 season, and they were right.


The jumpsuit has incredible power this year for being comfortable, versatile, and simple. It allows us freedom of movement, which is highly appreciated in these times.


Lingerie dresses.


Risky, sensual, and very successful. This is how we can qualify this outfit, which has resurfaced since the 90s, to position itself as a protagonist. Also, as a standard of current fashion, summer permeates us with sensuality and minimalism.


Hot pants.


Transcending, like the dress, these hot pants come to recover daring and sensuality through the variation of their materials that vary from cotton to fabrics, and that gives us a unique print that exclaims beauty.


Vazz.Blog.Discover the 2021 women_s fashion trends.Transparencies.


This year, the transparencies are wrapped in omnipresence, but at the same time the most viewed.


They invite us to flirt with styles that can be combined with bralettes, hot pants, and jumpsuits if you want.


The important thing is that this summer you look happy and free.


Wide, high-waisted pants.


This option is super comfortable and cool, which makes it ideal for any time of the year. The prints and finishes don’t matter, because what is really important is to look different.




The fabric mixed with different pieces is almost what has devastated this era the most. Allowing, this technique, to let inspiration and creativity fly to merge designs full of style and mysticism.


What to do to be fashionable?


To be fashionable, the first thing you have to know is that you have to research and dedicate time, as well as love. So that, entering the subject, you can start by looking for magazines and social media to begin to familiarize yourself.


It is very important to be up-to-date, since this world is quite unpredictable, and what is in the latest fashion today will no longer be like that in two weeks. To get started, there are certain things you should know about this year.


Vazz.Blog-Pastel pink is back

  • Pastel pink is back. The prominence of this garment comes to this spring-summer to convey romance and delicacy.


  • The flowers are transformed. Yes, the bigger, the better, as overloaded flowers are a must for loose, bulky garments.


  • The dots also knock on your door. Thanks to its versatility, dots return to provide you comfort and safety. In any outfit, combine them with what you like the most.


  • The white dress for any age. Although in other times they would have looked at us ugly for this, now it is different. This garment is very casual and elegant.


  • Jeans, your best friends. And this will pass from generation to generation. They always get us out of trouble, they vary according to the seasons. For example, now, the most IN are baggy high-waisted wide-leg pants.


How to dress as elegant and youthful woman?


Vazz.Blog. Discover the trends of women_s fashion 2021. How to dress elegant and youthful womenAs women, we always want to dress well, we are flirtatious by nature and for this reason, we want to look elegant and young. If you are like me, and you never know what to wear even if you have a wide variety of clothes, I will teach you some tricks to create your style. The best part is that you don’t need to choke your wallet to do it.


First, combinations are important. This will depend on your skin type and its color if you have warm or cool tones. On the other hand, you have to know which colors go well with others, and this following the color base.


From there, we can choose the originality of the outfits. Now, for an elegant and youthful look I recommend: Skirts at the knee, and the color black (unless it is in a total look that you can highlight with an accessory of another color) you have to use it with measure.


On the other hand, your footwear must be very attractive. As well as you must adapt your makeup to the look. At the same time, the clothes must be of your size, nothing that over or hangs.


However, it all depends on you and your originality. Adapt these fashionista tricks to your particular style and surprise us with elegance and youth. Do you already know what your favorite trend is? At Vazz the brand, we seek to bring you the best of the best, so tell us what you think about these trends and how you wear them in your days.

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