Vegan leather: the latest in sustainable fashion


Vegan leather: the latest in sustainable fashion. Sustainable is trending, and we at Vazz the Brand are beyond proud of that. Currently, the world is experiencing serious climate changes and reports have already come out about this, showing genuine concern and inviting us to change our consciousness. We must save the planet and the animals!


Since the burning of the Amazon rainforest and the impressive pollution of the oceans… many factors have come together, amplified, and created the serious problems we have today.


It’s for this reason that we came up with the idea of ​​making sustainable and eco-friendly clothing. Because of our area of ​​expertise, we can each do something to save our mother earth.


Sustainable fashion uses organic and reusable materials to make garments that generate minimal environmental impact. Vazz is aware of this damage, and that awareness is that we act positively. One of those resources that we use is vegan leather.


What is vegan leather?


Vazz Sustainable Fashion Blog Vegan Leather The Ultimate in Sustainable Fashion What is Vegan LeatherAlso called natural leather, it’s one of the cleanest materials because it doesn’t come from animal origin. Today it’s a great ally of “fast fashion” for the materials used to make it.


However, more sustainable solutions are being created as new alternatives using biodegradable resources from varied resources. For example, cork, wood, mushrooms, leaves, and fruits such as pineapple, coconut water, and soybeans.


Yes, these fabrics imitate leather and offer a solution in terms of fabric and the impact they generate on the environment. Its advantage is that it doesn’t come from animal origin, which makes it the number one ally in the fight against plastic.


How good is vegan leather?


Vazz Sustainable Fashion Blog Vegan Leather The Latest In Sustainable Fashion How Good Vegan Leather IsIt’s very good for being resistant which makes it a perfect material for shoes, bags, jackets, upholstery, and many other things. It’s also durable and since it’s made of plastic it doesn’t have the breathability of real leather. This means that if it gets wet, it will dry faster.


For its part, vegan leather will last over time and allows you to easily clean it. Now, many of these vegan leathers are made of some materials such as petroleum-based plastic or polyurethane. This makes them a bit more polluting.


On the other hand, natural ones come from vegetables such as pineapple, apple skin, cork, and mushrooms. I’m sure you want to know how they get the leather from there. If so, keep reading!




This is one of the most important materials to create vegan leather. It consists of the fibers of the pineapple leaf. This isn’t new, however, since the Philippines have been using them for years now. 


Apple skin.


In Denmark, they transform apple skins leftover from juices and cider into plant-based leather. How amazing is nature, right?




This material is the one that attracts the most attention because its versatility surprises us. It comes from trees, we get leather by cutting the bark, boiling and shaving it into thin sheets of tissue paper, and then rolled into pieces of usable materials.




Many have been the companies that experiment with fungi to make leather. It consists of long, white filaments that come from mycelium cells and become dense fabric cut into slices.


What does vegan material mean?


Vazz - woman wearing a blouse and a skirtIt means that your clothes won’t have feathers, or bones, or hair from any abused animal.


That is, it respects the environment and animals. This fashion is an important option to pay close attention to.


We have already talked about some materials, and to them, we can add cotton, linen or hemp, or synthetic fabrics.


No fur, wool, or silk are present. The important thing is that the clothes are made with recycled products or fibers of organic origin.


How to care for vegan leather?


Vazz.Sustainable fashion.Blog.Vegan leather the latest in sustainable fashion.How to care for vegan leatherThanks to the popularity that vegan leather has been gaining, it’s important to know how to take care of it.


So, to take care of vegan leather, you must do it regularly, especially if you will store them for a long time.


Several ecological methods are very easy to use and will allow you to give your clothes shine.


For example, banana, cucumber, and potato skin. Do you want to know how? Take note!


Banana skin.


The skin or peel of the banana, thanks to the potassium and natural oils, forms a kind of balm on the skin which achieves a natural shine.


How? Simple. First, remove the skin from the fruit and divide it into several pieces. Subsequently, rub the inner part all over the shoe until it covers the entire surface. Finally, rub a clean rag on the shoe to shine and remove residue.




Considered a good trick to clean vegan leather, especially shoes. How to do it? I’ll tell you: Cut the cucumber into slices and place them on the shoe until everything is covered. Let the cucumber juice permeate the surface, then let it dry and finally take a bristle brush and scrub it. 




The perfect option for stains, because it has starch. You only need half a potato to perform this step, and what you should do is rub it on the stain and then wipe it with a soft cloth. They will shine like the sun!


What kind of leather is better?


Vazz - woman wearing white pants and brown blouseVegan leather, without a doubt. With its advantages, you will help the world, nature, animals.


You will also contribute a grain of sand to the fight against the exploitation of employees in different locations in Asia.


Besides, this material lasts a long time, and with proper care, it can last many lives.


Have you already decided to get your garment with this type of material?


Vegan leather: the latest in sustainable fashion


Vazz - woman wearing black leather pantsAt Vazz the Brand, we’re grateful that the world is changing, and so are people.


It’s important to emphasize that every grain of sand count and if we want a change, it should be internal.




Let’s begin to change personal habits, and thus we will transform.

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