5 amazing ways to wear silk blouses without fail

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5 amazing ways to wear silk blouses without fail. Elegant and sustainable dressing is possible. Today, we can find different types of materials to work our garments and also accessories. One of them is silk, which consists of fibers extracted from mulberry buds and is composed of fibrous material, fibrin, and sericin.


It has been produced in China for a long time through processes that were secret at the time. However, this changed when silkworms were smuggled into production in Iran and Turkey. Today, it has become an essential and timeless material.


We at Vazz the Brand have spectacular garments made from this material that I’m sure you will love. When you’re done with this article, run to find them. In this sense, I come to talk to you about silk blouses.


How to wear a silk blouse?


Vazz.Blog. 5 ways to wear silk blouses. High-rise trousersA silk blouse is a garment that you can consider basic.


It’s elegant and also very easy to combine. They don’t go out of style and can be worn at any time or occasion.


You can wear them with jeans, pants, shorts or skirts.


Besides, you can take a risk with a revealing neckline, buttons, shapes, textures, and glitter or simply plain and with designs.


Are you interested in some combinations? Take note!


 Blazer, ways to wear silk blouses


Vazz.Blog. 5 ways to wear silk blouses. Black and whiteA blazer can solve our lives to elevate an outfit from simple to incredible. In this sense, if you have a date, you can combine the blouse with a pastel blazer and play with a pair of jeans of your choice. Although, you can also wear a blazer for an office look. For this, you will only have to change your jeans for dress pants and heels. You will look very amazing!


 Black and white.


These separate colors are very powerful, yet together they are even more powerful and never fail. It’s traditional, elegant, and perfect to wear on any occasion. Opt for a white silk blouse with some black details and black pants. You will dazzle!


 With skirt. 


Incredible and fashionable. Opt for a blouse in nude tones such as camel and combine with a high-waisted skirt in a dark color. Combine with accessories and shoes also nude. You will be the sensation!

Combine with shorts, ways to wear silk blouses

Vazz.Blog 5 ways to wear silk blouses Combine with shorts

A silk shirt can be combined with a short to create the ideal outfit to go out with your friends for lunch or dinner. Choose a white silk blouse with mustard shorts and add a gold chain and accessories. What do you think of the booties? A success, of course.


 High-waisted pants. 


Wearing the Vazz the Brand silk shirt is perfect for high-waisted pants. Now, if you want to put together an office look, you can choose nude trousers. However, if you want something more original, choose brown pants. Fashionable and eye-catching!


How to combine a black silk blouse?


Vazz.Blog 5 ways to wear silk blouses with skirtAs you may have noticed, silk shirts are versatile and give a formality that cannot go unnoticed. That’s why you should consider pairing it in many other ways to achieve incredible outfits. For instance:


Party look.


Consider combining a black silk blouse with black sequin pleated pants for an elegant and glamorous outfit. In the same way, add some black high heels. You can also add a black blazer to complement your look.


Casual look, ways to wear silk blouses


For a day when you have a meeting that doesn’t merit too much to think about. Choose a brown plaid culotte and matching coat with your blouse.


Informal look.


I recommend choosing your favorite jeans with a black silk blouse along with a bomber jacket or tweed jacket. You will go out to the street very elegantly but without looking too elegant.


Rocker look.


For the daring, I recommend a black miniskirt to match a brown velvet blouse and ankle boots. Accessorize with a corduroy coat in an earthy tone or whichever you like best.


How are transparent blouses used?


Vazz.Blog 5 ways to wear silk blouses How to wear transparent blousesWearing a blouse with transparency can be a bit complicated if we don’t have the slightest idea of ​​how to wear it properly. Transparencies can make us go from 100 to 1 without sophistication. In this sense, some formulas can make your transparent silk blouse not fail.


With a jacket.


I know that transparencies are not for everyone. And for this reason, we can play with allied garments that do not give the prominence to which we wear, but that turn them into a complement. The idea is that it hides the shape area, so you will be able to look sensual and stylish.


With a top, ways to wear silk blouses


I want to invite you to play with layers. An entertaining and very good way to wear it is with a transparent silk blouse and underneath it a crop top or a bodysuit, depending on your tastes. The important thing is that the layer below fits and does not create a volume.




The ruffles give a touch of elegance and a lot of style to our looks, which make them good candidates to wear on any occasion. One way to wear a silk blouse is with ruffles. If it is in a maximalist style, much better, where the gathers or overlays accumulate a lot of fabric to generate a translucent effect.


How to wear a large shirt?


Vazz.Blog 5 ways to wear silk blouses How to wear a big shirtThere are also silk shirts that are nightgowns and combining them can be a bit difficult to think about. However, open your mind! There are some ways that we can take into account when combining our large silk shirts.




You can wear your silk shirt inside pants, skirt or shorts. And play with the buttons, that is, button it up or leave some unbuttoned if you are more daring.




Ideal for casual styles. You can wear the silk shirt in oversize with baggy dress pants or jeans for a more informal style.


Knotted, ways to wear silk blouses


If you like risky styles, dare to tie your silk shirt at the bottom and keep some buttons undone. Likewise, you can also wear a body underneath.


Yes or no, this garment can become your favorite and great ally? At  Vazz the Brand we have several incredible options that are also made with sustainable materials. In this way, in addition to looking amazing, you will also be helping our planet.

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