Ideas to wear your favorite dress with a vest


Ideas to wear your favorite dress with a vest. Dresses are a very versatile, timeless, beautiful, elegant and also very chic garment. Wearing this garment can make you look fresh, full of freedom and very sensual. All depending on the type of dress you wear and how you combine it.


In halftime seasons, you can also wear it and look amazing, not at all out of tune. One way to do it is by combining it with vests. They are perfect for those times when the trees begin their transition and the winds blow early.


Now, we don’t necessarily have to limit ourselves to jackets or coats, although they will look perfect with your outfit, I’m sure of that. The vests bring elegance, femininity and beauty. Even the ones in larger sizes, the kind that your grandfather or your father used. With the texture of your preference, these garments together will be a success difficult to ignore.


At Vazz the Brand we will tell you about this pair with great potential, almost like the power of fantastic twins. How can you do it? Here are some ideas that I’m sure will work!


How to combine a dress vest?


Vazz - woman wearing a white dressA dress vest can be considered a basic that we never want to leave. Specifically the suit, which is listed as the favorite of celebrities. That is why we see the nets flooded with this garment in any type of fabric and design.


Likewise, it is a wild card for fashion experts because of how casual and effortless it looks when wearing it. However, it brings a lot of elegance and style to the looks. We can find them in different models and sizes, which will flatter your silhouette very well. From short to long, you will go from a normal look to a sophisticated one.


One of the trends is to wear it with a dress. Today at Vazz the Brand we will show you some ideas to flatter your style, ready? Find a pencil and paper!


Long dress with vest and tennis. 


I must confess that I am a fan, because in addition to being simple, it looks very chic, worthy of a princess outfit. If you combine it with sneakers, it will look great too.


Choose a gray ankle-length dress, like the one we have in our store, and add a white vest. Then add a matching bag in the same color palette and white sneakers. You will be elegance personified!


Ideas to wear your dress with a vest, short dress with vest and stilettos.


This is one of the most elegant combinations you will find. If you use it in a single color, much better. You can choose our cylinder dress in black to match with a vest of the same color and two-tone stilettos. You will raze in every step!


Dressed in denim vest.


The denim vest can be said to go very well with everything from loose dresses to tight ones. This combination gives you a very casual look. The length of the dress does not matter either, you will always look very good.


Also, with prints, it is an excellent option to take to any outing with friends in the city center. You can choose a wing dress with a white or black vest, also blue, for a total look. You will raze!


Two-color style.


One of the most elegant combinations is black and white. In this sense, you can opt for a midi-length black dress, such as the cylinder-type dress that you find in our store with a white vest. You will look so good that you could surprise. Beautiful and eco-friendly!


Vazz - woman wearing a white dress - Ideas to wear your dress with a vestIdeas to wear your dress with a vest, street style.


Who said knitted vests were out of this category?


Of course not.


In fabrics and complete, you can wear it like a runway fashionista.


You can choose to wear our sphere or parallelogram dress with the full knitted vest.


How are the vests used?


Vazz - woman wearing a white dress - Ideas to wear your dress with a vestAs you may have realized, the vest is versatile on its own and also has certain ways of using it to bring elegance and a lot of style to that look you want to choose for the day.


In this sense, we can define that just as fashion is cyclical, the vest has come to us from our grandparents’ wardrobe to sweep away allowing us to create different and highly creative looks.


In the case of dresses, you can wear them this way:


Oversized shirt. 


Serving as a dress, this basic is reinvented to give the result of a minidress. Accompany it with high boots and a knitted vest.


Vazz - woman wearing a gray dressIn our store you will find the momoto shirt with a spectacular bow at the waist that will look great with a knitted or open vest.


Dress type, Ideas to wear your dress with a vest


The parallelogram dress can be worn with a knitted or open vest.


It will look great on you thanks to its A shape. What do you think of these combinations?


How to use a long vest?


Vazz - woman wearing a white dress - Ideas to wear your dress with a vestThe long vest is a very beautiful garment, full of versatility that can elevate your outfit from casual to something more chic and elegant, depending on what the occasion merits. Now, no matter your style, you will always find a vest that looks great with the dress you prefer. What kind of dress can you wear with a long vest? The truth is that anyone, since together, they will be the star.


The beauty of vests is that they create a long, thin line. Therefore, they are perfect to hide those areas that we may like to hide. Today I invite you to play with fabrics and shapes.


The long vest looks great in a total white or black look. You can also choose the bicolor theme, playing with black and white or gray and black. Besides brown and camel. The length of the dress does not matter, as long as you feel confident about yourself.


Ideas to combine dresses with vests


Vazz.Blog.Ideas to combine dresses with vestsIdeas to combine dresses with vestsWhat do you think of this garment? Would you use it for any occasion? At Vazz the Brand we are more than happy to carry these dress matching ideas with vests as it looks great, different, elegant and chic.


If you visit our website, you will find a wide variety of dresses made with sustainable materials especially for you.


What we want is to bring you tasteful fashion and make a difference in the world. Do you want to make a difference? Buy sustainable clothing.

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